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The Real Estate Agent’s Handsy Situation




Ms. Nikki Brooks is a real estate agent who profits on flipping houses. When she hears about a beautiful, cheap property that nobody has swooped up, she jumps on the opportunity. Unfortunately, the real estate agent has no idea that the reason it is so cheap is because of the recent mur.der in the house.

When Nikki enters her newly owned house, she is surprised to see that the house is flawless. “Huh, they even left the furniture,” she says to herself. She walks around the house, taking note on anything that might need fixing, when she hears a faint howling breeze behind her.

Nikki quickly turns around, “Hello?” With no response, the real estate agent shrugs it off and continues to examine the house for any rats or pests. However, it is only a matter of seconds before another breeze sends chills up and down her body. She rubs her arms, “How did it get so cold in here?”

After hearing some creepy sounds, she shifts her eyes to the other side of the house, but doesn’t want to explore where it’s coming from. “This would be the time to leave,” she hollers in the bare house. “I’ll call the cops.”

Nikki feels something touch her, but when she looks around, she doesn’t see anything. A few seconds later, a male spirit enters her body, and she begins losing control over her hands.

Her hands twist and turn, her fingers curl, and she panics as they clasp around her face. They run down her body, stopping to grope her tits and rub her pussy. She shrieks and cries, but her finger presses against her lips to make a “Shhh” gesture.

Her hands undress her slowly, commanding her to help them as they explore her body. Nikki twists and turns, attempting to fight the spirit, but is helpless over its possession.

Once the spirit has undressed Nikki, it taunts her by swinging her panties in front of her face, and then gags her with them. She cries as she is forced to masturbate, and to make matters worse, her hands make her watch.

After she’s orgasmed, one of her hands turns toward her, motions a goodbye, and the spirit leaves her body. She is hysterical as she regains the ability to use her hands, and quickly scoops up her clothes to get out of the house.

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, real estate agent flips houses, buys a cheap and beautiful home, the reason why it hasn’t been purchased is because there was a mur.der in the home but she is unaware, sound effects, creepy sounds, breeze, howling, special effects, male spirit possesses real estate agent and takes control of her hands, ch0king, crying, shrieking and screaming, groping, nipple play, forced stripping, ass smacking, panty gagging, male taking over female body, transfer, forced masturbation, orgasm, ghost

2.5/5 (2 Reviews)

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The Real Estate Agent’s Handsy Situation


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