Nadia White – Busty Babysitter Gives You A Boner and JOI




Since you’re so young, Mom and Dad have been leaving you with a babysitter when they go out. Nadia is a lot older than you, and instead of watching your favorite cartoon, you’ve found your inexperienced eyes wandering to her big chest.

You don’t know why it’s so appealing, but there’s something about it that makes you feel odd. “What are you looking at?” Nadia uncomfortably says as she catches your eyes locked on her chest. You feel your face get hot, but you can’t help that your eyes are magnets to her big, busty chest. I mean, what are those things even called? Do they have a name?

“You’re naughty – you shouldn’t be doing that,” she says waving her finger at you. “Your mom and dad told me that you’ve been really curious lately,” she continues as she covers herself up.

Nadia tries to teach you some manners, but you can’t shake off that funny feeling you keep getting from her chest. “Is that a better look for you since you’re so curious?” she says as she pulls down her top to expose her deep cleavage. You feel something tingle, something stiffen, but she says, “Okay, that’s enough.”

Realizing that you are infatuated, maybe even obsessed with what you see, Nadia decides to give you a closer look. “Have you ever seen these before?” she sweetly asks. “If I show you, you can’t touch them, okay?”

Nadia reveals her big, busty chest, and you feel your tiny pee pee throb. “Does that make you feel funny down there?” she asks. “You know what you do when you feel funny down there, right? You don’t? Want me tell you?”

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Nadia White – Busty Babysitter Gives You A Boner and JOI