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Brother’s New Invention




I get really excited about my inventions. They may not seem like much, but I put them a lot of effort into them, so it’s a really rewarding feeling when I finally finish one. I don’t have many friends, really it’s a rather lack of, so when my sister, Nadia, shoos me away, I get my feelings hurt.

I know I shouldn’t let her bother me, but she never lets me show off my new, cool remotes and gadgets. “I don’t care, dweebus, get out of here,” she had said to me, which completely wiped the smile from my face. “You always make stupid things.”

Honestly, was TV really more interesting than what I had invented? “Get out of here,” she said, and then shoved me away. That was it. I pressed a button on the remote control and she froze. Her body stiffened, her eyes locked into place, and she couldn’t move. All my hard work had finally paid off – I was gonna have some fun with this thing!

UNFREEZE. “What the fuck? Get out of here!” Nadia said, her body unlocking from its frozen state. She was rambling on and on, but I didn’t want to hear it – MUTE. Oh man, was she pissed. She was ranting and raging, but I couldn’t hear a thing.

“Oh, I’m sorry – are you yelling?” I laughed. I unmuted her and she tried to take the control from me which was a stupid move. Things were only going to get worse for her. TALK DIRTY.

I’ve never heard my sister say such horrible, hot things. Now that was more like it. And god, do I hate to say this, but she was making my cock twitch. How far could I really take this?

STRIP.¬†Without thought, Nadia started removing piece after piece. She was disgusted, horrified, but there was utterly nothing she could do. “I’m telling Mom and Dad about this – they’re gonna make you get rid of it,” she threatened, but that meant nothing when I had a remote that could control her every action.

Did my sister honestly think a weak threat was gonna stop me from trying out my invention? She had no idea what I had in store for her. Something tells me she’ll have a sudden interest in my all my inventions…

This clip includes: Nadia White, Aiden Valentine, POV, brother/sister, brother invents a magic remote control, sister is mean and keeps telling brother to go away when he is excited to show her his new invention, controlling actions, following orders/commands, freeze, wide eyes, frozen, stiff, unfreeze, mute, unmute, screaming and yelling at brother, sister is disgusted and horrified, dirty talk, stripping, lap dance, big tits, ass shaking, tit groping, spread legs, masturbation, climax, ride cock, virtual sex, cowgirl, orgasm, blackmail, sound effects


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Brother’s New Invention

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