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Nikki Brooks JOI – Mother’s Day POV Virtual Sex Stepmom




Nikki Brooks JOI – One of our best Mommy videos yet!

Oh hey, honey…what’s up? Are you hungry? What is this? Aw, is this for Mother’s Day? You remembered…thank you, baby. I love it…it’s…not what I expected, but hey, you have good taste for future girlfriends.

The pizza should be here hopefully within the next 15 minutes – if not, Momma’s gonna complain and we’re gonna get a free What’s up? I’m…I’m sure it fits…I mean Mommy’s gained a little bit of weight, but I’m sure it fits great, honey.

Um…you know, I really, really appreciate it, but I just…I don’t think it would be appropriate to try it on or anything. Oh, no, no, no…honey, it’s-I truly love it. Uh, um…I’ll tell you what – how about…how about I just try it on really quick? Just so you can see that it fits.

I’m sure you were really brave walking up to the counter and paying for this. Alright, so why don’t you just give me a minute, and I’ll try it on. Okay…or you can stay there.

You know, I’m sure if I tried it on over the shirt, it would fit just the same. Aw, baby, please don’t make that pouty face…I’m not stalling. It’s…definitely not something I have, so thank you.

Well, it fits. Oh…no, I know it doesn’t match, but it didn’t have matching panties to go with it. Alright, um…I really…don’t feel so comfortable taking them off. It’s extremely sheer. Alright, I’m sure you spent your allowance on this. There. How does Mommy look?

Honey, I…alright, I’ll give you one twirl. Ta-da! See, this is something that you would wear under your clothes – this isn’t something that would be appropriate to wear around the house.

I really appreciate it, okay. Thank you. I know it’s been tough, and we’ve been trying to make each other happy and cheer each other up. Alright, well…

Nikki Brooks JOI

Sweetie, oh god, alright…here, why don’t we have a little talk? See, Mommy is…how can I explain this…is a grown woman, and you are a young boy going through a lot of changes, and your body is changing, and your hormones are rushing. THAT…your boner, is completely natural in a way…it’s natural in the sense that certain things will arouse you and turn you on, but it shouldn’t be Mommy. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Those are things that a mom shouldn’t take care of; those are things you can take care of. My hand? No, no, no – not my hand, your hand. It’s not my fault, sweetheart, you did get me this…

First and last time I will do this. I’ll just run you through what you should do. Oh…oh god.

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, POV, Mother’s Day, son gets mom lingerie as a present,  nikki brooks joi, wants mom to try it on in front of him, mom is embarrassed and awkward, tries to convince son that it will fit but he is persistent, embarrassment, attempts to cover up, lingerie is sheer so you can see through it, son gets an accidental boner, son wants mom to help him take care of it, mom uses her hand to teach him how to stroke his cock, virtual handjob, nikki brooks porn, mom blames herself for putting on the lingerie in front of him, takes care of his boner by riding him, cowgirl, virtual sex accidental simulated creampie, mom is shocked

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Nikki Brooks JOI – Mother’s Day POV Virtual Sex Stepmom

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