The Contest




This is a custom video. The following description was written by the client himself. This is a very fun, cute, and silly video – the girls had a lot of fun, and had great chemistry! 

The scene opens with Catherine and Gia standing and discussing how a HUGE fetish client wants to order a bunch of custom videos, but the catch is he only needs one of them to appear in the videos and can’t decide between them, so he wants them to do a video that’ll function as an audition to help him choose.
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They mention that he likes three fetishes – wedgies, camel toe, and wet and messy, so they need to showcase each in the audition video. They decide to have a contest where all three fetishes get rolled into one. In each round of the contest, they’ll alternate between giving each other wedgies (for one round) and camel toe (for the next round), and the first one who can’t take the discomfort during each round loses. As a punishment for losing, the loser of each round gets a pie in the face from the winner PLUS has to pie herself in her own face. This will continue until one of them has won 7 rounds, and the ultimate loser also gets a special extra wet and messy punishment at the end.

They both gloat about how they’re going to win, and take time to say friendly but competitive things like “this ass doesn’t know quit” and “you think this butt can’t take it,” all the while showing off their butts to the camera, including while in close up. They then say it’s time to start, so they’ll need to strip to put on the first outfits. They take off their tops and bottoms, leaving them naked, and the camera does a lot of close-ups of their naked bodies both front and back.

They then put on similar (if not identical) bottoms and start round one with a wedgie contest. They turn so their butts are facing the camera and give each other a wedgie at the same time, with the girl standing on the right giving the girl on the left a wedgie with her left hand, and the girl standing on the left giving the girl standing on the right a wedgie with her right hand. After not too long, one girl wins, and she proceeds to smash a pie in the loser’s face, but not before gently taunting her. Then the loser pies herself in the face. For the next round, they do camel toe on each other instead, this time facing the camera, with the girl on the right giving the camel toe to the girl on the left using her left hand, and the girl on the left giving the camel toe to the girl on the right using her right hand. Again, one girl cries uncle after not too long, and the winner pies her in the face then the loser pies herself in the face.

After each set of two rounds (i.e., wedgie, camel toe), they should switch to a different set of bottoms. I’m fine with whatever pattern you want to use for which girl wins which round, as long as they end up being tied at five rounds each after ten total rounds. During the entire time they should be competitive and “busting each others balls” but not getting genuinely angry at each other. As all this is going on, the girls should use some of the pie mess to rub into their boobs and onto their butts. They should rub it on their boobs so their boobs really flop around, and make sure that they bend forward to have their boobs hang down to look like – sorry for the analogy – utters, and sort of swing them side to side.

Once it’s tied at 5 to 5, Catherine wins the next round, and makes a big deal that she’s one away from winning it all. And sure enough she wins the next round too, at which point Gia says she can’t imagine what’s in store for her now. Then Catherine brings out the HUGE bucket of pudding slime, and tells Gia to get ready for the big finish, at which point Gia says “Big finish?  What, someone’s going to blow their load on me?” And Catherine says, “Well, not exactly, but you’re pretty close.” And she proceeds to SLOWLY dump the pudding slime over Gia’s head while Gia looks upward. Gia is surprised but not too upset, and rubs the slime all over her boobs as it falls off her face and onto her body. And Catherine says “You know, I almost wish I lost, because that looks amazing.” And Gia says, “No hard feelings – you won fair and square. And I’m happy to share the slime with you.” At that point, they fondle each other, rubbing the mess into each other’s bodies and rolling around in the mess.

This clip includes: Catherine Foxx, Gia Love, wet and messy, WAM, slapstick, sploshing, funny, silly, laughing, compete using wedgies and camel toes, contest, winner gets pied & has to pie herself, bucket of slime, rubbing mess on body, cream pies, creme, food, very messy, 24 pies, groping, ass shaking

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The Contest