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Boss Punishes Whining Employees With Diaper Discipline




After one of the employees got a big promotion, the work place has been complete chaos. Two of the other employees, Constance and Fifi, have been causing drama, and have even gone as far as harassing their co-worker about his promotion.

When their boss, Aiden, catches wind of the whole situation, he calls the two women into his office to discuss their behavior. As he mentions their co-worker’s promotion, the girls immediately start ranting about how unfair it is, and how he only got it because he was a male.

“I’ve been here waaaay longer than he has, but low and behold, a male comes into the office and instant promotion,” Fifi bitches. Aiden tries to reassure the ladies that it has nothing to do with their co-worker’s gender, but instead, his work ethic. However, rather than hear or believe anything their boss is telling them, the two women continue to whine and bitch.

“And you guys are still complaining about it,” Aiden replies to them. But no matter what he says, the two girls are hostile, vulgar, and witty about their responses to him. “Is he sucking your dick?” Constance blurts out. “I mean, you should just tell us.”

After hearing that comment, Aiden is furious. He shoves the notebooks and binders off his desk, and the girls give a sarcastic, “Ooooooohh.” He reaches behind him to grab two containers of baby powder and slams them onto the desk in front of the women. “What the fuck is that?” Constance asks.

“This? What – you’ve never seen baby powder before?” Aiden fires back at her. Rather than stop there, he continues to pull out diapers, baby wipes, a pacifier, and a baby bottle.

“What’s the point of this?” Fifi asks. “Well, you guys are crying to me like a couple of bab1es – so, you wanna act like bab1es? I’m gonna treat you like bab1es. And you’re gonna dress like bab1es. And you’re gonna be bab1es like the bab1es you are,” Aiden tells them. The girls burst out into laughter, their reactions an obvious no, but the boss is persistent. He tells them that if they don’t do it, they can kiss any promotion in the future good-bye.

“You’re not really gonna do that, are you?” Fifi asks. “We’re grown women,” Constance replies. But with the threat of being fired, the ladies reconsider. Although they think the task is completely embarrassing and humiliating, they don’t have much choice if they want to keep their job.

“I guess I’ll do it, but you’re not gonna watch me when I do it. I’ll just do it real quick, and it’ll be over with,” Fifi snaps. But the boss makes it clear that’s not how it’s going to work, and that they’re going to have to it IN FRONT of him.

The girls continue to whine, but he doesn’t let up. “You gonna keep whining?” he asks shoving a pacifier into Constance’s mouth. “You can’t just do that!” Fifi snaps, but he wastes no time shoving a bottle into her running mouth as well.

Irritated, the girls decide they better cooperate if they want to have a job. They slip their panties off, spread their legs, and begin cleaning themselves with the baby wipes and a disgusted look on their face. Once they’ve finished, they grab a container of baby powder and a diaper. “Can’t we just powder the diaper instead?” Constance asks.

Of course the boss says no and the girls pout, “This is embarrassing.” They continue to whine and cry about having to do the task, and the boss points out that they’re still acting like bab1es. They proceed to powder themselves, put their diapers on, and give the boss a dirty look.

“Perfect,” Aiden says satisfied, and then continues to hand them a pacifier and bottle. “Awwww, there are my baby employees,” he says sweetly. “Didn’t get a promotion? Aw, it’ll be okay – I’m sure you’ll get it next time.”

As they cry and pout, Aiden talks to them in a condescending tone, and hands them a plushie and a doll. The girls hug them tightly, and as further humiliation, the boss begins reading them a story from a child’s book. “Do you really have to read to us? I mean, come on…” Fifi mumbles through her bottle.

“Have we learned our lesson about complaining?” Aiden asks the two girls. Rather than answer with a simple “yes,” the two ladies continue to dish out an attitude.

“So, are we done?” The girls stand up, getting ready to slip their diapers off, but their boss stops them. “No, no, no – not so fast,” he says. “Of course you’re not done, you haven’t learned anything. Yeah, they stay on all day.” The girls give him a shocked look, “We have to wear this OUT THERE?”

“But do you see how ridiculous this looks!?” Fifi whines showing him the huge, fat bulge on the back of her diaper. “They’re gonna be able to tell that there’s something underneath.” While the girls complain, the boss asks if they’d like to sit with pacifiers as well, which causes the girls to stop bitching.

Once he’s satisfied with their punishment, he sends the big bab1es back to work with a big diaper underneath their dresses.

This clip includes: Constance, Fifi Foxx, POV, employee/boss, Constance & Fifi have been causing drama and chaos in the office because another employee got a promotion, boss calls them into his office when he catches wind of all the trouble, girls continue to whine and complain in front of him, boss decides they need to be treated like bab1es since they’re crying like one, makes them wipe themselves, powder, and put diaper on, embarrassed, humiliated, talks to them like they’re bab1es, puts pacifier and bottle in their mouths to shut them up, gives them a teddy bear & doll, reads to them, sends them back to work with a diaper underneath their dresses, diaper fetish, adult diaper, bab1es, age regression, diaper discipline

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Boss Punishes Whining Employees With Diaper Discipline