Trophy Wife Turned Into Living Doll




Nyxon twists and turns in the mirror, her face closely pressed to her reflection, as she looks at her flawless figure. After getting years of plastic surgery everywhere on her body, she decides it’s time to take it to the next level.

Although the idea to some people is ridiculous, Nyxon has grown up obsessed with the real-life Barbie girls who have spent hundreds of thousands just to be plastic and perfect. She’s gotten lip injections, boob and butt implants, botox, and liposuction, but she’s still not quite satisfied.

With the advancement of real-life sex dolls, Nyxon’s mind has always wondered what it feel like to ACTUALLY be one. What would it feel like to be completely plastic? Rather than get more plastic surgery, Nyxon has acquired a bottle of pills that guarantee to, for a very short period of time, do that very thing – make her into a sex doll.

Nyxon smiles, nervous but excited, and decides to give one of the pills a go. “I’ve spent so much money, and I’ve come so far,” she says to herself before placing a tablet into her mouth. She isn’t quite sure what to expect, but is hopeful that her dream will finally come true. “I can’t turn back now,” she says eagerly.

Seconds after ingesting the first tablet, Nyxon’s legs lock up. Her arms shortly follow, and in the middle of her sentence, she stiffens up completely. Now a real-life sex doll, she is motionless and frozen, her eyes wide and unblinking. After a minute of the effect, Nyxon’s legs slowly wobble out of their stiff state, and the rest of her body follows.

“Oh my gosh, it happened!” she says shocked. “That was the best feeling ever. I want more. I want to be a doll all the time.” She gobbles the whole bottle of pills down, with no option to turn back, and as her body stiffens, she realizes she may never come out of this state.

Hours go by and her husband finally comes back from work. He doesn’t notice Nyxon right away, taking a seat on the bed and rambling about his day at work. With no response, he looks up to see her staring at herself in the mirror. “What are you doing?” he asks confused. “Hun, are you okay?

He walks around her stiff, frozen figure, and sees the empty pill container in her hand. “What is this? Oh no…she told me she was going to do that. I can’t believe she actually ordered those pills…” he says looking at her doll-like figure. Not sure what to make of the situation, he walks around her and begins testing out the effects of the tablets.

“She is frozen like the doll she always wanted to be,” he says twisting, turning, bending, and manipulating her body, head, and limbs. “You know…maybe this isn’t so bad,” he says to himself as he begins to enjoy having full control of his wife. “Now she can’t yell at me anymore.”

He widens her mouth into an O shape, and talks about what a perfect shape it is for his cock. As he undresses her, he gets more ideas, and starts arranging her into various sex positions. “You know…she couldn’t complain if I did anal – guess that’s back on the table,” he says satisfied. Once he’s tested out his new wife doll, he sits her up right, and cuddles against her stiff, frozen figure.

This clip includes: Nyxon, Aiden Valentine, husband/wife, Nyxon is obsessed w/ the idea of looking perfect and plastic, after years of plastic surgery, she decides it’s time to kick it up a notch, orders special tablets that will temporarily make her into a sex doll, starts with one tablet, body locks up, freeze, she unfreezes, loves the feeling, so downs the whole bottle of pills & ends up frozen forever, husband comes home to find that his wife actually went through with becoming a doll, bending, twisting, turning, manipulating limbs, body, and head, O mouth, undressing, moving frozen body into various sex positions, stiff, unblinking, wide eyes, groping, real doll, sex doll

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Trophy Wife Turned Into Living Doll