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Get Naked…for the Environment




“Ugh, who is it?” Aiden says to himself as he walks to the front door. As he opens it, a wide-eyed, smiling, young woman with a clipboard peers back at him through the crack. “Hi, I wanted to talk to you about global warming,” she begins saying, but Aiden is in no mood nor interested in what she has to say. He closes the door on her, but she wedges her clipboard into the crack to prevent him from closing it.

“You don’t understand – I’m going to lose my job, and it’s really hot out there, and I just can’t get any sales,” she says frantically. After some discussion, Aiden finds out that Constance works for an environmentalist company that makes their employees go from door to door collecting donations on bettering the earth. Because it isn’t a product that people can buy, she’s had no luck in getting any money for the company.

“I just…I just need this sale so bad,” she cries to him. Aiden feels sorry for her, but on the other hand, he isn’t a charity, and doesn’t have money to dish out to her. Rather than hear about her boring global warming rant, he offers to give her the money under his own conditions.

“I will do anything. What do you need me to do? Laundry? Clean dishes? I’ll do whatever,” she says desperately. Seeing how vulnerable she is, Aiden decides to push things a bit further. He figures if he has to dish out money, he’s going to get something satisfactory for it. “How about stripping off some clothes?” he asks.

Of course Constance rejects the idea, but when he tells her to leave, she gives in to keep her job. “Promise you’ll give me the donation, right? Are you sure there isn’t anything else I can do?” she asks. But Aiden’s mind is made up – he wants to see her completely exposed if he has to donate 50 dollars.

After she undresses to her lingerie, she covers her body with her hands and arms, and tries to hand him the clipboard to sign. But Aiden hasn’t seen anything yet, and refuses until he sees her naked body. He makes her spin, uncover herself, and undress until she is completely bare.

“Now will you sign it?” she asks while fidgeting nervously. Satisfied, Aiden signs her clipboard as she holds it naked for him. She thanks him, still embarrassed, and quickly gets dressed for her next house.

This clip includes: Constance, POV, Constance works for a environmentalist company that makes their employees go from door-to-door collecting donations to better the earth, POV closes door on her, but she frantically begs him to help her, hasn’t had any sales because no one wants to give money without a product in return, Constance needs a decent donation to keep her job, POV agrees to give money if it’s under his conditions, wants her to strip and be exposed, embarrassment, humiliation, covering body, spinning around, completely nude, shy, innocent, crying, whining, full nudity, bare, ENF, embarrassed naked female, forced stripping

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Get Naked…for the Environment