Amazon Land




This video includes multiple sound effects for a more realistic experience!

Amazon Land – a world dictated by the biggest, meanest, dominant, giant women. You, among several other tiny men, were caught walking their land, and now you’ve been shoved into a tiny container where you can hardly move or breathe. 

Occasionally, one of the amazons will come to the jar, take their pick, and you’ll never see that little person again. And it’s all men – the giant women have no interest in anything else, and that factor alone is frightening. Why men? 

“How are you guys all doing in there?” Velma asks as she shakes the crammed container. “Is anybody ready to play?” she giggles rubbing her hands together mischievously. None of you dare make a peep, let alone a noise, as she shifts her eyes back and forth. 

“I wanna play a game,” she says to you and the other men in the container. “Which one of you looks good to play with today?” she continues as she unscrews the lid to the jar, and now you’re all beyond scared. You have no idea what she has planned, and you have no idea what’s happened to the other chosen ones. 

“I pick…” she says slowly, taunting you and the others. “You all look so fun to torment!” But something about you catches her eye. You tremble in fear as she reaches down, pinching her fingers, and grabs you. 

She places you between her hands, calling you names like pathetic, insignificant, and inferior to her massive being. Your mind starts to race with all the things she could do, and your heart feels like it’s going to pound out of your chest. 

“Get on the ground so you can see how gigantic and fabulous I am,” she says setting you down. In Amazon Land, the gigantic women love to play terrible, cruel games with their tiny men, and this one is a game of survival. Velma begins stomping her huge, size 11 feet, and you run for your life. You figure if you move from side to side, it’ll be harder for her to squish you. 

But that only upsets the amazon giantess. Velma picks you up and explains that if you continue to run, she’ll break your limbs. She sets you back down, and as she taunts you, you start running again. There’s no way you’re taking any chances, especially when you don’t know what happened to the other guys. But she warned you, and now her game is more intense as she crushes your tiny foot.

With a limp, it’ll be harder to run, and that’s what makes it even more enjoyable for her. She continues to degrade you, making you lick her filthy, enormous foot, and then lifts you up only to drop you several feet onto the ground. “You made the best noise when you fell. I love that! And look at your crushed little foot over there – you are the cutest when you’re squished on the ground and mad about it,” she laughs. 

But the torment doesn’t end there – in fact, her little “game” only gets worse. She crushes your other foot, leaving you completely helpless and unable to limp. Your only option is to drag your body, and you know there’s no way to out-run her doing that. You look up at her, helpless, and in a terrible amount of pain, and she smells how weak, pathetic, and scared you are.

Unfortunately for you, Velma has no intention of stopping. She crushes one limb after another, reminding you how inferior you are to her giant, supreme being, and then tortures you by making you smell her raunchy, disgusting feet. 

I suppose you should know that, here in Amazon Land, no one really survives to talk about the “game,” and the giantesses give you just enough hope to crush it all away.

This clip includes: Velma VonMassacre, POV, Amazon Land, amazon giantesses have taken tiny men as their prisoners and play things, amazon giantess chooses you as her next victim, explains the survival game and then sets you lose, running, stomping, size 11 feet, taunting, laughing, foot domination, foot smelling, crushing limb by limb, name calling, you are inferior to amazon’s superior being, pathetic, weak, big feet, amazon, crushing, squishing, screaming in pain, slow and painful d3ath, big vs. small, dirty feet, sound effects, cracking, splat

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Amazon Land