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But We’re Vegan!




“Aiden – are you gonna come or not? We wanna start this movie,” Fifi hollers out to her roommate. Aiden rushes in, sandwich in hand, and plops down onto the couch between Velma and Fifi. He apologizes, telling them he wanted something to eat during the movie, and then takes a bite of his sandwich. 

The girls look at him in disgust, and Fifi rudely blurts out, “What did we say about that?” Aiden raises his eyebrows, but he is well aware that his roommates, Velma and Fifi, are vegan, and that they try to push their beliefs on anyone and everything. 

“It’s not even judging you – it’s just gross to eat meat, and you know that,” Velma blabs, but Aiden doesn’t give in this time. He takes a huge bite of his sandwich right in front of Fifi’s face, which only causes the girls to go off more. 

“And even the cheese, honestly…” Fifi rants. The girls refuse to start the movie until he throws the sandwich away, but Aiden has another idea in mind. All too familiar with their rants, he has gotten his hands on a little device to teach them both a lesson.

“Well, you know what – if you guys like anima1s so much then you can act like a couple of anima1s,” he tells them. The girls look at him in confusion, and he continues to point the magic remote at Velma, “An1mals don’t wear clothes.” STRIP.

Velma stands up, completely unaware of what she is doing, and begins stripping as she continues to rant about his sandwich. “What are you doing?” Fifi asks, but after the remote is pointed at her, she starts doing the same thing. “What are YOU doing?” Velma asks her, but Fifi doesn’t catch on. Once they get down to their panties, they are horrified to see that they’ve undressed themselves.

“Did you do something!?” Fifi blurts out looking at Aiden. The girls embarrassingly cover themselves up, but Aiden doesn’t stop – he taunts them by waving the control in front of them, and gets the idea to turn them into the animals they are always ranting about.

PIG. Fifi and Velma let out a humiliating pig snort, and are forced uncontrollably onto their hands and knees. “Oh my god, stop it!” Fifi yells at Aiden. “Give me that control!” The girls reach for the remote, but their an1mal-like movements prevent them from grabbing it. 

“Give me that -SNORT- give me that -SNORT- control,” Fifi says between obnoxious pig noises. But Aiden is just starting to have some fun, and decides to try out another an1mal – CHICKEN. The girls stand up and blurt out a very loud “BACOCK!” They kick their legs on the ground and flap their arms like wings. “Aiden, that’s humiliating!” Fifi and Velma yell, but Aiden isn’t done with them just yet.

COW. The two roommates let out a long “MOOOOO,” and are forced back onto the ground. They sway from side to side, their tits hanging like utters, and bitch and whine for Aiden to stop. “I swear to god I will – MOOOOOO – leave you alone about your sandwich,” Fifi pleads. “Are you sure?” Aiden teases, and then pushes another button to put them back into their normal state. 

The girls hurriedly get dressed, trying to cover their parts, and Aiden threatens them with the control if they say one word about his food. Fifi even hands him the sandwich with big, frightened eyes, “Here’s your stupid sandwich.”

This clip includes: Velma VonMassacre, Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, girl roommates are vegan and they try to get Aiden, their other roommate, to be a vegan as well, Aiden tries to eat a sandwich and they won’t leave him alone about how wrong & disgusting it is, Aiden gets fed up, magic remote that will make them into the anima1s that they love so much, STRIP (since anima1s don’t wear clothes), unaware, uncontrollable movement, embarrassed naked female, embarrassment, humiliation, trying to cover themselves up with their hands and arms, pig, chicken, cow, making animal sounds, moving like an1mals, crying, whining, bitching, forced stripping, woman following orders, POV, female training

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But We’re Vegan!