Frozen Vanity


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“Have you seen those cosmo filters that girls use to make their skin flawless?” Fifi asks looking over at her friend, Nyxon. Nyxon smiles, completely self-absorbed into her phone’s camera, so Fifi suggests a new filter the girls can use to really make their photos pop. After both girls download it, they can’t help but stare at themselves with how gorgeous their skin looks. 

“That looks pretty good actually,” Fifi says. The girls, eager to try out their new, amazing filter, pose and snap a picture. However, this filter is different because they are stuck frozen like that! They sit stiff, unblinking, and locked in their silly pose for 30 seconds until the effect wears off. 

“That looks good, right?” Fifi asks Nyxon. The girls are utterly unaware of what happened, and continue to snap some more pictures of themselves. They pose over and over, locking into place and becoming stiff dolls with every picture. The girls get more excited every time they see their flawless faces on their phone, and start to get a bit more racey, taking sexy pictures of their butts and tits.

Once they’ve posed in a number of positions, they sit down to go through their album full of pictures, unaware they were frozen at all. “That just looks so good,” Fifi says flipping through her pictures. “I’m gonna get so many likes on instagram,” Nyxon says with a cocky tone. The two agree to keep their new, flawless filter a secret from the other girls. 

This clip includes: Nyxon, Fifi Foxx, Fifi finds a new cosmo filter that is supposed to make you look flawless, both girls download it, once they take a picture, they freeze in that pose, unblinking, frozen, stiff, locked in position, unfreeze, unaware they were frozen, excited that their pictures look so good, continue to take pictures, freezing after each snap, slow body and face pans, frozen for 30 seconds each time, multiple poses, silly faces, butts, topless, 2 girls frozen together, vanity, magic control, real doll, sound effects, visual effects

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Frozen Vanity