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Fifi has convinced her best friend, Constance, to participate in a clinical trial with her for some quick, easy, extra cash. While reading over the pamphlet, Fifi thought it’d be fun to try out a new formula designed to increase female libido.

After being called into the office, the researcher introduces himself to the two girls, shaking their hands, and begins explaining his product. Although the formulas are similar, some of them contain different chemicals, and he’s eager to see how the two ladies react to the one they’ve chosen.

The researcher has Fifi and Constance sign a waver, and then tells them to pick a test tube to their liking. “And you’re the first, lucky test subjects for them,” he says. Fifi smiles at Constance, telling her that she wants to pick the same formula as her since she isn’t sure how she’s going to react.

After downing the whole test tube, the researcher begins jotting down any side effects that the women are experiencing. “So, you said the taste for it – we’re just gonna go through the senses real quick – so, taste for it…how would you describe it?” he asks with a pen in hand. “Citrus? Citrus taste.”

Off to a good start, the researcher continues onto vision, and the girls have no issue. “I’m sorry, am I supposed to feel something?” Fifi asks. “I just don’t.” As the researcher explains that the formula is fast-acting, Constance begins uncontrollably groping her chest, and Fifi’s body temperature rises.

“It’s getting a little bit warm,” Fifi replies. “My boobs feel hard,” Constance tells him. “What?” Fifi says smiling as she turns toward her friend. She notices Constance groping her chest, and as she talks to the researcher about it, begins groping her own.

“Fifi – you’re doing it, too!” Constance says, and Fifi is embarrassed to see her hands wandering. “This…this is supposed to be a part of the study?” Fifi asks with wide eyes. “I almost…I don’t have control of my hands right now.”

Although the girls are embarrassed beyond belief, they can’t control the situation. On top of becoming overwhelmingly horny, their hands and bodies start to move in extremely erotic ways. They uncontrollably start stripping themselves, and are unable to stop moving their bodies from moving in sexy ways.

The girls shake, smack, and grab their asses, and then plop down onto the couch with their legs wide open. They apologize profusely as they masturbate and moan in front of the researcher. Once they’ve gotten off, they look at the researcher with wide eyes, horrified and embarrassed, as they regain control of their bodies and get dressed.

“It’s like something else completely took over my body,” Fifi tells him. Still apologetic, the girls follow the researcher into another room for a short questionnaire regarding their experience.

This clip includes: Constance, Fifi Foxx, POV, girls decide to make some easy cash by participating in a clinical trial, new product is supposed to increase female libido, down the whole test tube, body temperate rises, lose control of their bodies, uncontrollable tit groping, stripping, embarrassment, humiliation, horrified, shocked, they can’t help but moan when they touch their bodies, everything feels overwhelmingly good, full nudity, ass shaking/grabbing/smacking, exposed, masturbation, clit rubbing, orgasm, regain control after they’ve gotten off, apologetic, POV records side effects and experiences with product

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Product Testing

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