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Controlled Affection




After a long day of work, the only thing I want is affection from my wife. I’m not one of those needy guys that need their significant other to make them dinner, and I don’t need to hear about how hard I work to keep things running. All I want is some…you know, sexual attention. I honestly don’t think it’s too much to ask.

“Hi, how was work?” my wife asked with the most disgusted look on her face. She didn’t care, but it was part of her daily routine to make it look like she gave a fuck. I knew her all too well, so I didn’t mind, but I was horny. I slid my hand up her thigh, and she shoved me off. “What are you doing?” she snapped. What did she mean what was I doing? “You’re acting like some weird sex fiend. I’m trying to watch a movie. That’s all you think about,” she continued.

She was acting ridiculous. It wasn’t like I was asking her to put out every day – hell, it had been a while since the last time we even did anything. But every time I touched her, she jerked back in complete and utter disgust. It made me feel gross.

“You know what, we did that on our honeymoon and that was more than enough for me,” she said with narrow eyes. WHAT? So, she just gives up after the honeymoon and that’s it? “I didn’t even want to do it then, but I guess that’s what you do, right?” she blabbed on. Okay, okay. It all started to make sense. She refused to get a prenup and this was the reason why.

I wasn’t amused. I worked all day, and this was how she was going to act towards me? Fine, I had enough. I was going to make this marriage work whether she wanted it or not. If I was going to be stuck with her, I was going to get a version I actually wanted.

At work, I started developing a little side project, a control, that would give me the perfect, obedient, respectful wife. “Good…for you? What does it go to?” she rolled her eyes when I showed her the control. Well, if she didn’t want to do anything for me, it could force her to do things.

BIMBO. Her mean look changed into a happy, smiling one, and she acted like a complete airhead. “What was that? He he he, did you have a remote control?” She couldn’t stop giggling to herself, twirling her hair around her fingers, and talking like a valley girl. It reminded me of a t33nager that wanted to spend all day at the mall away from her parents.

Man, if I could make her act like this, I could do anything I wanted with her. TALK DIRTY. Her tone changed into a seductive one, her eyes narrowed and she looked at me as she rambled on about how much she enjoyed sex. I hadn’t heard her talk like that since before we were married. Dirty words flew from her mouth, and my cock was throbbing.

She was a different person – one who wanted me, one who wanted sex, and one who wanted to please me. With this control, I could do anything I wanted with her, and best of all, I could make her do all of the disgusting, horrible things she never wanted to do….

This clip includes: Nyxon, Aiden Valentine, POV, husband/wife, husband comes back after a long day of work and wants some sexual attention, wife is bitchy and refuses to do anything, is horrible & mean to him, rejects him, husband gets fed up & pulls out magic remote he’s been developing at work, if he’s going to be stuck with her, he wants a version of her that he’ll actually enjoy, different models, bimbo, giggling, smiling, acting like an airhead & valley girl, dirty talk, strip, strip tease, lap dance, masturbation, obedient, ready to take to the bedroom, magic control, female training, woman following orders, sex fiend, brainwashed, mind control, hypno


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Controlled Affection