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All You Need is Love…in a Tiny Bottle for the Perfect Affair




Terra is perfect. She’s sweet, charming, and god, she’s beautiful. You’ve been seeing her for a year now, and she’s well-aware that you’re married. You’ve told her, time after time, that you’re going to leave your wife for her, but in reality, you’re not. You love your wife and your life together, but you also love Terra and your life with her.

She gives you a big, silly smile as she notices you checking her out, and you can’t help but smile back. If only you had met Terra before your wife, life would have been so much simpler. But you do what you can to make sure she stays with you – even if it means sneaking around your wife’s back.

“So, I’m thinking about something. It’s been on my mind for a while now,” Terra begins to say. You know where she’s going with her sentence, so you gently place your hand on her leg to try and distract her. “Yeah, I was thinking we could, uh…go into the next room,” you say, and she blushes. But, unfortunately, she’s not letting up this time, and that’s where things take a turn for the worse.

“But you remember how you were talking about how you were going to leave your wife,” she continues. “I don’t know what the situation is with her, but I feel like it’s a good time as any to go ahead and just do it.” Ah, this again – the conversation that you dread above all other things. You try and comfort her, telling her the same generic bullsh*t that you always have, “You know that you’re the one I want to be with, I promise.”

But that doesn’t work this time. Terra is upset, and her sweet personality starts to disappear as she tells you that she feels like nothing more than an affair. “And it’s, like, every single time we have this talk, you sweet talk me, and you never really do anything. Are you ever going to break it off?” she asks with big eyes.

You try over and over to get her to calm down, but it’s not working. She explains to you that she wants someone in her life, someone all to herself, and that if you’re not going to tell your wife about her, she will. Your heart sinks – tell your wife!? You beg her not to, but she feels like she has no other choice. How else are you two gonna be together?

But you knew this was coming. Although you didn’t want it to come to this, you’re too selfish to let go. You pull out the love potion from your pocket and take a few sips. “What are you doing?” Terra’s asks, her eyes squinting at you. As soon as you finish the last sip, Terra takes a deep breath, and then looks at you with big, loving eyes. “Oh, honey,” she smiles at you. “I didn’t realize how amazing you were. I don’t know why I doubted you in the first place.”

Terra can’t stop smiling, telling you how wonderful and handsome you are, and how good she feels. She apologizes about doubting you, and you sweetly comfort her. “Oh honey, I didn’t realize how wrong I was,” she says. “I think everything will be just fine.”

This is perfect. She’s perfect. Everything seems to be under control now, but your selfish urges take over again, and you take a few more sips. There’s no way you’re gonna lose her. She takes another deep breath, and then looks at you with even bigger, loving eyes. “Aw, honey, you’re so good to me. I love you so much,” she says. You tell her all the things she wants to hear, and she falls deeper and deeper in love with you.

“I’m so happy and excited, and I can’t for our lives to be shared together,” she smiles. Now to seal the deal – to make sure you guys stay together. Your wife will never be an issue again. You down the rest of the tiny bottle, and Terra is all yours. “Oh honey, I just can’t control myself. Is there anything I can do for you?” she asks eagerly.

“Please, just let me know if there is anything I can do. I just love you so much,” Terra rambles on. She’s eager to please you, to take care of your every need, and head over heels in love with you. “Do you want me to get naked or something? We can start now on having babies, right?” She undresses, giving you a sexy strip tease, and gropes her big, perky tits. She invites you to touch her, to take her to the bedroom, and talks dirty to you, which makes your cock throb.

“I just love you so much. We’re gonna have the best life together,” she says rubbing her body uncontrollably. “Let’s just go to the bedroom and play,” she continues. “Do you wanna go?” I mean, how could you say no? She’s perfect.

This clip includes: Terra Mizu, Aiden Valentine, POV, you are having an affair behind your wife’s back with Terra, you keep telling Terra you’ll divorce your wife, but you have no intention to do so, Terra gets fed up with you saying you will but never doing it, threatens to tell your wife about your affair with her, you panic, grab your love potion, take sips, she can’t stop talking about how handsome and wonderful you are, apologizes about doubting you, take more sips, Terra can’t stop talking about how much she loves you & wants to spend her entire life with you, more sips, Terra is completely yours, she will do anything to please you and make you happy, stripping, dancing, strip tease, tit groping, virtual tit groping, dirty talk, big & loving eyes, brainwashing, mind control, magic potion, control, female training, big tits, infatuation, obsession, special fx, sound fx

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All You Need is Love…in a Tiny Bottle for the Perfect Affair

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