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Too Much to Drink


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Nyxon and her friend, Luna, laugh obnoxiously after downing a whole bottle of Jägermeister. They’re drunk and sloppy, and after the alcohol completely kicks in, they black-out. 

“Sis, you have a charger?” Aiden lightly knocks on the door, and then notices his sister and her friend passed out. He nudges Nyxon’s leg, but when she doesn’t respond, he realizes they’re completely wasted. “Luna – you awake?” he asks picking up her limp arms and flopping them around.

After seeing the empty, green, glass bottle on the nightstand, Aiden decides he better take some good pictures in case he wants something in the future. He places the bottle between the two girls and snaps a few pictures, and then decides to have some more fun. He slings the girls around like rag dolls, manipulating and moving their limbs, moving their heads from side to side, laying their bodies on top of one another, and groping their perky tits. He takes his time undressing them, enjoying their bodies, and snaps a few pictures before he leaves the room. 

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Too Much to Drink