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The Alternative Solution




Rather than go to class, Luna and Nyxon have been skipping to go smoke behind the school building. After being given detentions every day and their attitudes not changing, the principal decides he better have a stern talk with them if they want to get through the year.

“Alright, girls – do you know why I called you in here today?” Mr. Valentine asks, but Nyxon wastes no time dishing out an attitude. “Because you like to waste our time?” she replies in a bitchy tone. The girls insist that they have better things to do, and although the principal tries to be patient with them, he quickly finds out that they could care less about what he has to say.

He threatens them with a phone call to their parents, a suspension from school, and having to re-take their classes for the semester, but the girls obviously don’t want that. He offers an alternative solution, a change of pace for the girls. Because detention isn’t working, he decides to give them a different form of punishment that might change their attitudes for the rest of the year – stripping down in front of him. The girls are shocked, mortified, and angry at Mr. Valentine, but if they don’t want to get suspended, they have to do what he says.

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The Alternative Solution