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Girl In Trace Virtual Sex – May I Have This Dance?


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“That was a really nice time out,” Whitney smiles at Aiden after being taken out to a nice dinner. It’s been a few dates, and Aiden is feeling more confident, so he invites Whitney to come back to his house to watch some TV.

“I guess that sounds kinda nice. I mean, it’s a nice way to just unwind and relax,” Whitney sweetly says, but is soon distracted by Aiden’s arm around her. She tries to ignore it, but Aiden continues his advances, causing Whitney to have to reject him multiple times.

“You know, I kinda had something else in mind,” Aiden tells Whitney after she’s finished rambling on about her idea of a perfect night. “I figured we could-” Aiden begins saying, but Whitney pushes his face away from hers.

“Really? I just took you out to dinner. You kinda owe me,” Aiden says frustrated. This only infuriates Whitney more, and now she lashes out at him. “Oh, no, no, no. Oh, you think because you took me out to dinner, and we’ve been seeing each other for, like, not even a whole month…you think that I owe you something? What do you think I owe you? Sex? For food?” Whitney blurts out.

“I thought you were a nice guy – not another one of these douchebags,” she rants. Whitney stands up, tells Aiden not to touch her, and gets ready to leave. Aiden begs her not to go, to give him another chance, and tells her to trust him, “I’ll be right back.”

He walks off, and Whitney is left confused until she hears an eerie, soothing, sort of creepy song playing. Aiden holds out his hand to her, and Whitney picks up on the vibe that he wants to dance with her. Her mood changes as she finds the gesture romantic and sweet, and she begins slow dancing with him.

“I can’t remember the last time a guy asked me to dance,” she smiles. “Are you familiar with this song?” Aiden asks her. “You should listen to it – it’s one of my favorites.” Whitney finds herself strangely uncomfortable with the song, and as time goes by, her body becomes almost ragdoll-like, and her eyes flutter and roll. She attempts to keep her eyes straight as the song slowly hypn0tizes her, and her words space out as she struggles to get out her sentences.

Aiden snaps his fingers, and Whitney stands in front of him, her head swaying slowly from side to side. He waves his hand in front of her face, and she is emotionless. “Perfect,” he says smiling. “See, I’m not like those other guys. You’re gonna be my slave, and I am your Master. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master,” Whitney replies mindlessly. “First, I would like the kiss you rejected me. Give your Master a kiss,” he commands her. Whitney walks up to him and presses her lips against his, her eyes still rolling, and kisses him.

Rather than stop there, Aiden proceeds to command her to give him a striptease, lap dance, and blowjob. He gets her ready to fuck him, ordering her to masturbate, and then fucks her until he cums all over her. She is emotionless, obedient, and mindless as the cum drips off her body. “Thank you, Master,” she says to him.

He commands her to sit up, and then plants himself down beside her. “Now, how about that movie?” he says to her. “Yes, Master,” she replies.

Music: “Come Out and Play” by DesperateMeasurez

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Girl In Trace Virtual Sex – May I Have This Dance?


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