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Just a Little Crush




Nyxon has a huge crush on her nerdy classmate, Aiden. Whenever she can manage to squeeze in extra time with him, she doesn’t waste the opportunity. She rummages through his office, looking for anything she can take, or anything that might give her a better shot of being with him.

“Nerds are smart. Smart guys have good jobs. Guys who have good jobs make lots of money. I mean, look at all of these electronics he has here,” she says to herself. She searches for his wallet, assuming he must have tons of money since he’s developed so many gadgets, but comes across something more appealing instead.

“Do not touch,” Nyxon reads, then rips off the post-it from a little remote control. “When you have a note on something that says ‘DO NOT TOUCH,’ I’m totally gonna touch it!” She giggles to herself and goes back into the living room to wait for Aiden to come out.

“This remote must have been something REALLY special,” she says running her fingers across the buttons. As Nyxon is studying the remote, she hears a knock on the door, and then hears Aiden holler from the other room, “Come in!” Fifi walks in, another one of Nyxon’s classmates, and Nyxon gives her a dirty look, “Why are you here?”

The girls hate each other, well-aware of one another’s crush on Aiden. They argue for a minute, but change their attitude once Aiden finally comes out to greet them. “Hi, Aiden,” Fifi blushes, fidgeting with her hair, “you look really great today.” Fifi is sugary sweet, and her bubbly personality only disgusts Nyxon more.

Nyxon slowly removes the control from behind her back and presses a button, and Fifi stands up and begins clucking and flapping around like a chicken. Fifi is mortified, “I am so-I am so sorry. I – buck, buck, buck.”

“She’s clearly crazy, and you need to send her home,” Nyxon laughs. “I am not! I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” Fifi cries. When Nyxon doesn’t stop laughing, Fifi gets the hint that maybe Nyxon had something to do with it. She sees the object behind Nyxon’s back and fights her for it.

“Maybe-maybe-maybe you should be like a pig!” Fifi says pressing the button. Nyxon immediately bends over and begins snorting like a pig, which causes Fifi to burst out laughing. “See – who’s the crazy one now, Aiden?” Fifi says.

“Yeah, I was coming to ask you about that…” Aiden says waving the “DO NOT TOUCH” post-it in his hand. Rather than give the control back, the girls go back and forth trying to embarrass one another in front of their crush. Once Aiden has had enough, he demands the control back, and Fifi gives it up shyly.

She apologizes profusely, but Aiden isn’t quite so forgiving, even though it was Nyxon who had stolen it in the first place. “You guys are doing it all wrong anyways,” he says. “So, if you wanna make this thing work, you just like – say we wanna make you both strip – you would do that,” he presses a button. Fifi panics, “Aiden-Aiden, you’re joking, right? We were just having fun.”

They strip uncontrollably, and are humiliated as they become more and more exposed. The girls beg him to stop, but Aiden refuses. “Alright, okay, okay, we stripped,” the girls smile nervously. He hits another button, and Fifi and Nyxon are forced to grope one another’s chest. They are horrified by the action, especially since they hate each other.

DANCE. Fifi’s eyes widen, “I don’t-I don’t know how to dance!” Without effort, the girls’ bodies sway back and forth, and although they claim not to know how to dance, they do it perfectly. “I’m not doing this, I don’t know how to dance!” they whine.

DIRTY TALK. “I want your cock,” Fifi says seductively. “I did not just say that!” Nyxon follows up with, “I want you to put your big dick in my mouth.” The girls argue with one another, disgusted by each other’s filthy words, and call each other sluts. They continue to say dirty, naughty words to Aiden until he hits another button.

BEG FOR MY COCK. The girls drop to their knees, shoving one another, begging for Aiden to fill their mouths, pussies, and asses with his hard cock.

This clip includes: Nyxon, Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, POV, Nyxon rummages through her crush’s office & finds a magic remote, Fifi comes in to see Aiden & Nyxon is mad, both girls like Aiden (POV), Fifi begins flirting w/ Aiden & Nyxon gets jealous, hits button on remote, chicken, clucking and flapping like a chicken, embarrassed, humiliated, fight for control, pig, snorting, elephant, crawling, Aiden demands the control back, punishes girls for taking his control even though Nyxon is the one who stole it, forced stripping, embarrassed naked female, ENF, begging and crying for him to stop, whining, tit groping, girls groping one another’s chest, disgusted, horrified, mortified, dancing, dirty talk, talking dirty, girls arguing & fighting, girls beg for Aiden’s cock, mind control, brainwashed, magic remote control, uncontrollable movement, sound effects


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Just a Little Crush