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The Dating Site




Nikki has given in and decided to join a new dating website. She browses the endless profiles of singles around her area, and is surprised to find a couple of attractive guys that seem to fit her needs.

She smiles at her too good to be true find, and decides to send him a message, “How are you doing today?” Things seem to be off to a good start until the man on the other end asks her for nudes. “Fucking incredible, I haven’t even told you my name and you’re already asking for nudes,” Nikki says looking at the computer screen.

“No, sorry…not into that,” she types on her keyboard. “Bet you you will be,” he responds to her. Nikki is taken back, and now she’s upset. She tries to find the option to block him on the site, and as she attempts to do so, the man continues to ask her for naked pictures.

“Fucking dickhead, I’m gonna report your ass,” she says clicking around on the screen. All of a sudden, her eyes start fluttering and her head shakes, forcing her head up, and something takes over her body.

“You gonna report me? Na, I don’t think you will,” Nikki smiles. The man that she had been talking to previously, demanding nudes, was now inside her body. “Mmm…sexy, I picked a good one. Let’s see what you’re working with.”

“You won’t send me nudes, but yet, you have no bra on,” he says running Nikki’s fingers down her body. “You prude, little whore.” He continues to take his time exploring her body, groping her natural tits and perfect ass.

“I like this…I prefer blondes” he says running her fingers through her golden hair. “Nice, tan, soft skin,” her nails slide against her arm. He discovers her nipple piercings, and examines the rest of her body for any other hidden goodies. “The last one I picked wasn’t so flexible, I left that bitch sore,” he says shaking her ass.

He continues to have his way with her body, as he’s done with many women before her, until he has an amazing orgasm. He walks up to her computer, turns on the webcam, and gets ready to have some fun, “Hello, boys….time to have some fun, Nikki.”

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, woman has joined a new dating website, messages a guy she finds attractive, gets upset when he won’t stop asking for nudes, tries to block him, eye fluttering, man takes over her body, possession, body transfer, body exploration, tit groping, ass squeezing, ass smacking, ass shaking, nipple play, nipple sucking, tit sucking, dirty talk, masturbation, clit rubbing, special effects, sound effects

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The Dating Site


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