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Mom And Son Body Switch MTF




This was a custom video commission.

Aiden is a young man who is starting to get really curious about the female body. He is also kind of a clown, always joking around, with high spirts about everything. His mother is single and doesn’t know how to have “the talk” with him. Knowing this, Aiden plops down on the couch next to her and asks her when she’s going to teach him about the birds and the bees.

His mom gets noticeably uncomfortable, and Aiden laughs about it, already aware of how she’s going to respond. Because of this, he’s bought a stone that is supposed to allow two people to swap bodies. He shows it to his mom, who obviously thinks that her son has been tricked into buying a piece of junk. He dares her to touch it with him. If she is right, nothing will happen, if she is wrong, they will swap. The mother doesn’t want to, on the off chance that this thing actually works, she doesn’t think it is a good idea for a son to know his mother’s body with such intimacy. He should want to swap with younger, hotter girls. He tells her that he wants to know one better, up close – even if it’s his mom, which he does think is really hot. A MILF, even.

She has an idea. They should swap, and she would explain to him everything about the female anatomy, with him in control of her body. And maybe even learn a thing or two from his body. Nervous and scared, Mom hovers her hand over the stone, and then presses against it, causing her to instantly swap with her son. “Hahahaha, told you it would work!” Aiden laughs, and his mom, now in his body, is shocked. He can hardly contain himself, running his fingers against her tits, and bouncing up and down. Mom tries to calm him down, but he runs off to the mirror to see himself in his mom’s body.

The mother in the son’s body now begins explaining everything to him – how it works, what it’s called – all while Aiden clowns around with her body to ease the awkwardness of the situation. As he undresses, he has some trouble with her bra, so Mom suggests they swap back so she can teach him how to unhook it. They swap back after that, and Mom continues to teach her son about the female anatomy in his body and him in hers.

The son in his mom’s body comments that he is not the only one getting excited, pointing out the boner she has, and she is embarrassed. He also makes a point to show his mom that she is really hot. After some explanation on the female body, Mom tells her son about orgasms and how women can have multiple ones, allowing him to have some fun with one of her dildos.

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, Aiden Valentine, Aiden is a young man who has been growing curious about the female body, Nikki is a single mom who has been avoiding having “the talk” with her son, son is a clown, he shows off his new stone to her that can swap bodies between two people, at first Mom is hesitiant, but she has an idea, if it works, she can teach him about the female anatomy with him in control of her body & her in his, instant swap, mom in son’s body, son in mom’s body, exploring body, son makes jokes to ease the awkwardness of the situation using his mom’s body, tit groping, tit bouncing, son has trouble unfastening bra, Mom tells him to swap back so she can show him, swap back, funny, humor, clit rubbing, son points out that mom has a boner in his body, embarrassed, dildo play, masturbation, sex ed, orgasms, body swap, gender transformation, body transfer

2/5 (11 Reviews)

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Mom And Son Body Switch MTF


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