The Neighbor’s Accidental Brainwash




Aiden has a crush on the beautiful blond that just moved in next door. After having some small talk outside, he’s finally built up enough courage to invite her inside. “It’s really hard for me to make friends around here,” Olivia smiles awkwardly. Aiden runs his fingers through her hair, attempting to flirt, “I just think you’re so pretty.”

He suddenly stands up when he remembers that he forgot to put his new device away. “What is that?” Olivia asks with a weird look on her face. “That’s a computer part, I’m guessing?” she continues. Aiden blows it off, acting like it’s a remote to the TV, and then changes the subject.

“You must be smart or something if you know how to build computers,” Olivia goes on. The two continue with their small talk, and then Aiden offers to go make Olivia some lunch.

While Aiden is gone, Olivia starts to snoop around. “Let’s see what he’s hiding…he has to have some kind of nudie magazine or something around here,” Olivia says to herself as she picks up pillows and looks in drawers.

She comes across his device, “Oh yeah…this thing. What is this? Some kind of computer part?” She pushes one of the little buttons on it, which causes electricity to shoot out and zap her. The force of the shock pushes her back, and she falls onto the pillow behind her with wide, blank, open eyes.

“Hey, Olivia – did you want tomato on your BLT, or do you just like it plain?” Aiden asks as he enters the bedroom again. “Whatever you wish, Master,” Olivia responds in a monotone voice, still in the same spot she had fallen in.

Aiden continues to ramble on, unaware of her odd response, until she says it again. “Whatever you would like, Master, I belong to you,” she replies with wide, blank eyes, and an emotionless voice. He looks down to see his device, “I thought I put this away…wait, I DID put this away. You were playing with my remote? You pressed one of the buttons…didn’t you?” His voice is uneasy, well-aware that his new device is just a prototype, and there is no way to undo the trance.

“Are you okay?” he waves his hand in front of Olivia’s face. “Yes, Master, my body belongs to you – do with it as you wish,” she replies. Since there is nothing Aiden can do to reverse the effects, he gives in and decides to have some fun.

“Sit up,” he commands, and Olivia does so with a “Yes, Master.” She stares straight forward, her mind erased, awaiting his command. “Did that really work?” Aiden asks himself in shock. He continues to give her more exposing and daring commands, such as stripping down, followed by a striptease, and then a completely nude dance.

Olivia is mindless as she follows his orders, swaying her body from side to side without hesitation. To make things more interesting, he commands her to masturbate, so she sits on the bed, legs spread, rubbing her clit. Aiden watches as she brings herself to an orgasm, her eyes still wide and blank as she moans, and as she finishes, looks straight ahead.

Without a way to reverse the effects, Olivia is permanently stuck in a mindless trance. “I kinda like this…my own obedient slave,” Aiden says to himself. He leaves Olivia in her naked, brainwashed state, and then walks off to finish his lunch. “And I’ll be back here in a minute,” he tells her, already coming up with ideas of what to do with her next. “Yes, Master,” Olivia replies.

This clip includes: Olivia Kasady, Aiden Valentine, Aiden has a crush on the new, beautiful, blond neighbor girl (Olivia), invites her in, he walks off to go make them lunch, Olivia begins snooping around for his dirty magazines, she comes across his new device & pushes a button, shocks her, electricity, falls back, accidentally brainwashes herself, stuck in a trance, wide & open, blank eyes, Aiden doesn’t have a reverse for the trance, decides to take advantage of Olivia in her brainwashed state, trance, mindless, obedient slave, commands/orders, “Yes, Master,” Master/slave, stripping down, striptease, naked dance, nude, exposed, masturbation, moaning, orgasm, awaiting command, magic control, female training, hypnotized, woman following orders, transformation fetish, transformation fantasies, special effects, sound effects


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The Neighbor’s Accidental Brainwash

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