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Broken Remote Control Causes Brother & Sister to Switch Bodies




“Ugh, come on – this show is so boring!” Olivia pouts to her brother, Aiden. Rather than compromise and change the channel, Aiden decides to turn up the volume instead, which only infuriates his sister more. She snags the control from him, attempting to change the channel, but Aiden grabs it back, and they begin fighting over it.Â

“I wanna watch the puppies!” Olivia says with her hand around the control, but her brother won’t give it up. “Absolutely not! No, no, no – we’re watching the history channel,” Aiden says pulling the remote towards him. With their hands clutched tightly to the control, they pull back and forth, and within a minute or so of fighting, the control breaks.

“Oh, you broke the remote…I’m telling!” Aiden says to his sister. Olivia narrows her eyes in confusion, “Why am I looking at myself? What the fuck!?” Aiden is now in Olivia’s body, and Olivia is in her brother’s. “This would have never happened if you had let me watch my fucking history channel,” Olivia (who is actually Aiden) says pissed.Â

The two go back and forth blaming one another until Aiden gets distracted inside his sister’s body. He lifts Olivia’s skirt up, and she yells at him. “You’re wearing a thong? You fucking slut,” Aiden says as he begins discovering his sister’s body.Â

“Hey, don’t touch my boobs like that!” Olivia says helplessly inside her brother’s body. Aiden teases about becoming a stripper and making tons of money as he plays with Olivia’s body. “You will NOT do that!” Olivia shouts at him. “Will I make extra money if I sit on their face?” Aiden continues.

“No, no, no – you’re not going to use MY body to make money,” Olivia protests. Aiden shakes his sister’s ass, practicing stripper moves in an attempt to torture her. He jiggles, slaps, and twerks her ass as they continue to argue. “Ohhhhh, your nipples are sensitive!” he laughs tugging on them.Â

“Fix the control and switch us back!” Olivia demands inside her brother’s body. “I don’t think I want to, I’m having way too much fun,” Aiden smiles. “I’m gonna go out and bang so many chicks with your body.” Since he knows his sister can’t do anything, he takes his time having fun with her figure. “Ohhh, you little pervert…you got a boner,” Olivia says touching her brother’s junk. “Well, I guess…you…I.”Â

(POV) “Ha, ha, ha – what you gonna do about it?” Aiden says laughing at his sister’s boner. Olivia, now fed up with her brother’s teasing, gets an idea on how to get him back. She grabs the back of his head and forces him down onto her cock. Aiden gags and coughs as Olivia shoves her cock down his throat, forcing him to give her a blowjob.Â

“I’m not gay, that’s fucking GROSS!” Aiden pulls back in disgust. “Well, you’re playing with my body, so I’m going to do whatever I want with yours,” Olivia replies. Aiden tells her that he doesn’t care, then continues to torture and taunt his sister by playing with her tits.

“You know what – you’re going to fuck yourself,” Olivia says frustrated. She pushes Aiden back and begins forcing the clothes off of her original body. “I’m not fucking gay,” Aiden complains. “This isn’t happening, dude. You better not!”

Olivia spreads Aiden’s legs apart and sticks her hard cock inside of him. “Stop!” Aiden cries out, but his sister is on a mission to get him back. Although Aiden is repulsed by the idea of getting penetrated by a guy, he can’t help but feel pleasure from getting fucked. “Are you gonna cum?” Olivia teases her brother. “I bet if I put it in a little bit deeper…”Â

Soon Aiden is unable to hold back his moans, and Olivia starts to curious about how guys know when their dicks are about to cum. “You’ll know,” Aiden tells her. The two reluctantly cum together, and Olivia leaves a huge, warm mess inside of her brother. “Well, I hope you’re on birth control,” he smirks.  Â

“Of course I’m on birth control,” Olivia fires back. “Gross, I just fucked a dude,” Aiden says in disgust and disbelief. He picks up the broken remote control, desperate now to try and fix it, but has no idea where to even begin. “I don’t know what the fuck to do, okay?” he tells his sister. “We’re stuck like this.”

This clip includes: Olivia Kasady, Aiden Valentine, brother/sister, brother & sister fight over the remote control to the TV, control ends up breaking which causes them to swap bodies, body switch, body swap, gender transformation, transfer, body exploration, brother teases & taunts his sister by messing w/ her body, tit groping, ass shaking/twerking/slapping, nipple play, dirty talk, sister finds a way to get back at her brother, forced blowjob (virtual), forced sex (virtual), POV, brother & sister reluctantly cum in one another’s bodies, stuck in each other’s bodies, special effects, sound design

3.7/5 (7 Reviews)

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Broken Remote Control Causes Brother & Sister to Switch Bodies


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