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Things couldn’t be any more perfect. After an incredible night, you open your eyes to see your mom sleeping beside you. Her naked, gorgeous body is wrapped in your blue button-down shirt, and she smiles at you when she wakes up.

“Good morning, sweetie,” Mom says with a glowing face. “How did you sleep? You like sleeping with Mommy?” She giggles and flirts with you, and even though this has been happening for a while now, you can’t believe it’s real.

After Mom confessed her feelings of love to you, things had changed. Now Mom was your girlfriend, and your relationship with her was flawless.

“I’m all yours,” Mom smiles, her hands caressing her big tits. “You like that Mommy is all yours? And that she only wants to be with you?” She sweetly tells you how she loves waking up next to you, and how she loves having you in every way possible.

“I love that we can be ourselves,” she confesses. You can tell that Mom is genuinely happy, that she’s in love, and because of that, you’ve been able to express those same feelings for her without hesitation. “You would never leave Mommy, right?” she asks, her breasts spilling out of your blue shirt. And you wouldn’t. The way you felt for Mom now was something you had never felt before – you were truly in love with her.

“You’re my everything,” Mom says, then giggles sweetly. She leans in and gives you a passionate kiss. “You know I always thought about what it would be like to have you – to have you like this forever. You can be there when I’m sad, and when I’m happy, and just make my day better,” she tells you. “And when I need you to fulfill me, and I wanna cum…and when I want you inside of me, I can still have all those things with you – have you in every aspect.”

Mom begins to go into detail about all the things you can do now that you couldn’t before – all the sweet, affectionate, passionate, wild things that seemed wrong before. “Do you like kissing Mommy?” she smiles. “You know, I think I know what your favorite thing to do is.”

Mom is radiant, happy, flirty, and dirty. The she touches you when she talks about making love to you drives you crazy, and soon, you guys are at it again. Mom is the perfect lover – passionate, wild, sensual, and forbidden. But now that the two of you are finally together, there’s nothing stopping you from touching her in every way possible.

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Girlfriend Experience Stepmom – MILF Nikki Brooks in POV

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