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Drunk Mommy Needs You to Take Care of Her Sexual Needs


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Mom hiccups and drunkenly pours herself another glass of red wine. It’s been a while since she’s been laid, and now her sexual frustration has finally caught up to her. “I’m a hot mom, I should be slaying some good dick,” she says talking to herself.

She pulls up her gray dress and gives her pussy a few slaps. “I promise I’ll find you some action,” she slurs. Without anyone to take care of her sexual needs, she browses her phone for some porn, and begins pleasuring herself.

After being out, you come home to find your mom masturbating. Her legs are spread, her fingers against her clit, and she looks up at you unfazed. “Oh, sweetie…what’s up?” she says inebriated.

Mom doesn’t seem to be embarrassed – in fact, as she talks to you, her fingers still slide against her clit. She rambles about how you never spend time with her, and how your friends think she’s hot. After seeing the wine bottle by the couch, it’s not hard to piece together that Mom is obnoxiously drunk, and has almost no idea what she’s saying.

“Are you aroused?” she laughs. “You should see your face – you’re totally red right now.” She insists that you sit down and spend time with her, and when you do, her body falls against yours, causing her chest to brush against you. The little incident causes Mom to drunkenly rant about her boobs to you. “Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I can’t dress sexy still,” she slurs.

On top of that, you notice she isn’t wearing panties. And yes, you’re aroused…and you can’t help it. “Touch my boob, I dare you. Come on – let’s play truth or dare,” she says. You don’t know what to do. It’s obvious that Mom is intoxicated, and well…it’s wrong to touch her, isn’t it? “Do you dare me to take my bra off?” she giggles.

But she’s persistent, even demanding, and she’s not letting up until you touch her. “Just fucking touch your mom’s boobs – make her happy! You don’t even hang out with me anymore!” she says to you. And so you do, but Mom keeps wanting more.

And you’re hesitant. Your friends are supposed to be coming over soon, and you need Mom to go to her room so she doesn’t embarrass you in front of them. “Well, this is going to be a fucking sight to see. Oh, you want me to go to my room?” she slurs.

“Just fuck your mommy, and I’ll be quiet. I’ll go to my room, and I’ll go to sleep…I promise,” she continues. “Just stick it in a few times…” With a raging hard-on, your friends coming over soon, and your mom’s uncontrollable need for sexual pleasure, you have no choice but to do exactly what she wants…and it actually feels really good.

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, POV, mom/son, mom is drunk, drinking, intoxicated, inebriated, wasted, you come home to find your mom masturbating, she isn’t embarrassed at all & keeps masturbating, obnoxiously drunk, slurring, laughing, smiling, giggling, mom wants you to touch her, dirty talk, virtual tit groping, tits bouncing, virtual sex, missionary, POV sex, MILF


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Drunk Mommy Needs You to Take Care of Her Sexual Needs