Son’s First Erection




*This video includes AMAZING sex ed dialogue – you will LOVE it!*

What happened? Why was it hard? Your pee-pee never did this before, and you weren’t sure what to do – what if it never went away? Your pants and underwear were down when you rushed into Mom’s bedroom, Mom was half-way dressed, but you were scared – what was this…thing?!

Mom was embarrassed, and when she noticed your pee-pee was out, she waved her arm at you to leave. “Oh, fuck. Sweetie, what have I told you about knocking? Put-put your thing away,” she said, trying not to look at it. “What? What do you mean what’s wrong with it? Did you close it on the door?”

“Oh god,” Mom’s expression changed. She started to giggle, which made you feel weird because you didn’t think it was funny at all. “Oh honey, no – Mommy’s not laughing at you…well, I’m laughing at your reaction, but I’m not making fun of you,” she said sweetly, comforting you.

“There’s nothing wrong with you. Obviously this is your first time,” Mom awkwardly explained. It took her a couple of seconds to think about how to tell you what was going with your body. Rather than tell you exactly what was happening, she tried to figure out how it happened. “Were you watching TV? Were you looking at my bra and panty magazine that I order from?” she asked.

“Boys, when they are growing, and becoming men – don’t get ahead of yourself, I’m not saying you’re a grown man right now – but you are starting the transition,” Mom began to say. She looked down again to see your hard pee-pee and laughed nervously. Obviously Mom was having a hard time explaining whatever this thing was, but then she called it a hard-on, an erection, a boner, a woody. And supposedly guys get it when they see a really pretty girl, or think of something that would make them feel really good or happy.

“Your body, sometimes, has no control over how it expresses those things. That’s one of the way it physically expresses itself,” she explained, sort of similar to crying when you’re sad, but this is for when you’re excited about a girl you like. And supposedly this would keep happening the more you thought about that kinda stuff, and you needed to learn how to control it.

On top of all that, Mom said it would be sensitive, and it was. You couldn’t help rubbing the tip because touching it made it feel better, but you saw Mom’s face turn red when you did that. “What’s that? Yes, Mommy’s body also gets excited like that. It’s just…my body expresses it a different way,” she explains to you.

So, this erection thing was normal then, right? That’s what Mom was trying to say, and she even tried to teach you how to make it go away. But you didn’t quite get it right, especially since it was your first time, so she had to show you with her own hand. Then it started to feel really good, having her hand go up and down on it instead of yours, but it wasn’t going away.

Mom looked at the time on her watch, then at you. She needed to get ready to leave, but you needed your pee-pee to be normal again instead of having this uncomfortable hard thing. So, since your hand wasn’t doing the trick, Mom taught you a couple of different ways to get rid of your erection. And these ways…these ways felt even better than before.

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, POV, mom/son, son has his first erection & has no idea what it is, barges into Mom’s room & Mom explains to him what it is and how he got it, sex education, awkward, laughing, giggling, smiling, jerk off instruction, masturbation encouragement, JOI, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, missionary, Mom teaches you different ways to get rid of your erection, guides you on how to have sex, fucking, accidental creampie, AMAZING dialogue

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Son’s First Erection

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