Sister’s Smelly, Dirty, Flawless Feet




It’s a boring day, so you fidget on your phone while your sister watches TV on the couch. Her feet are dirty, and when she starts scrunching and wiggling her toes, it grabs your attention. You can’t help but stare at her flawless feet, but when she catches you, she’s not too happy.

“Are you taking pictures of my feet? Why are such a fucking weirdo?” she asks with narrowed eyes. But you can’t stop. Even though you know your sister is annoyed and disgusted, your eyes cling back to her perfect, filthy soles. “You really need to stop with this obsession. Do you do this stuff at school? You’re gonna get caught, and someone’s gonna freak out on you.”

You ignore her little lecture, taking pictures of her feet, and she snaps at you, “What is it with feet and you?!” Although she finds what you’re doing creepy, she’s intrigued about your foot obsession. Your sister smiles at how focused you are on her bare, dirty soles, and begins teasing you.

“Do you wanna touch ’em? Huh?” she asks with a big grin on her face. “Do you wanna sniff my dirty feet?” Your sister quickly realizes that is your go to – the thing that makes you cum, and the thing that you jerk off to. “What do you think about? Do you think about what they smell like? What they taste like? Would you lick my feet – them being this dirty?”

You run your tongue against her smelly, filthy soles,  “Well, I guess that answers my question.” Your sister is lightening up a bit, having fun with teasing you, and learning about your foot fascination. “I want you to sniff them now,” she says excitedly. “That actually feels pretty good.” She lets you worship, massage, and smell her perfect feet, but won’t let you jerk off.

Since you want to be such a foot pervert, she has you finish off cleaning her soles and in-between her toes, then dismisses you to finish yourself off.

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, POV, sister/brother, sister catches you staring at her feet, at first she is creeped out but then wants to understand what turns you on so much about them, talking about feet, foot smelling, foot sniffing, smelling feet, foot worship, POV foot worship, licking soles and in-between toes, sole licking, perfect feet, dirty feet, cleaning feet, filthy and smelly feet, stinky, close-ups, panning up and down feet, soles, pedicured toes, toe scrunching, toe wiggling, spreading toes, toe spreading

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Sister’s Smelly, Dirty, Flawless Feet