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Mom’s Unorthodox Punishment: Foot Worship, Humiliation, and Domination


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Dad has no idea what happens when he’s gone. Mom has unorthodox methods of punishing me when I don’t do something the way she wants. I am striped of my clothing, collared up with a leash, and forced to be a foot slave.

She walks in front of me, holding my leash, and I crawl behind her to the couch. I have to take off her red high heels and clean her feet. She starts off by making me massage her feet, and then makes me sniff her smelly toes. And then comes cleaning time…with my mouth.

She presses her soles against my tongue, and I run it in full strides against her perfect feet. Then she instructs me to do it between her toes, and I sensually let my tongue slip into the spaces between each toe. She makes me suck each toe clean, and when I think I’m done…she gives me the other foot to do.

I start off the same, but this time, I have to stick her whole foot into my mouth. She likes to control the cleaning, too, by forcing her foot onto my tongue, causing it to dry out. I don’t dare say a word during the punishment, but instead, clean her feet to perfection. That’s the way she likes it.

This clip includes: Leilani Lei, Fifi Foxx, Mom/daughter, unorthodox punishment, Mistress/slave, collar and leash, foot worship, cleaning feet, massaging feet, smelling/sniffing feet, licking soles and feet, sucking toes, whole foot in mouth, smelly and stinky feet, perfect feet, small feet, painted toes, toe rings, foot slave

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Mom’s Unorthodox Punishment: Foot Worship, Humiliation, and Domination