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A Humiliating Spanking Punishment for My Peeping Brother


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I had a busy day ahead of me. I was in the middle of getting ready when I saw my brother’s peeping eyes through the closet door. What the hell! The pervert. I slid the door open and yanked him out, and he actually denied creeping on me.

Ugh! I pushed him onto the bed and hit his ass hard with my hand. I was going to teach him a lesson. I spanked him outside of his pants, and he complained, telling me he wasn’t perving. Bullshit. I repeatedly hit both of his cheeks hard.

I wanted to humiliate him. I pulled down his pants and started spanking him from outside his boxers. What if I told Mom? He freaked out, “You can’t tell Mom! Promise me!” I wasn’t going to promise anything.

I pulled down his boxers to see how red his ass was. He kicked his legs as I slapped his bare ass over and over, only making it redder. I proceeded to rub my fingers along the sensitive area, taunting him as he begged me not to tell Mom. He whined, “It hurts,” but I didn’t care.

I spanked him until he desperately started bribing me. He wanted to do my chores, homework…how could I say no? The best part was watching him walk in pain with a bright red, hot ass towards the bedroom door.

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A Humiliating Spanking Punishment for My Peeping Brother