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Pervy Brother Gets Facesitting Punishment


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My little brother is such a pervert. I saw him run off with my dirty panties, so I went into his room to find them. After searching for a minute, I found them behind his pillow. The little perv. This wasn’t the first time I caught him with them either. What does he even do with them?

I was so mad. I got on his bed and shook my ass in front of him. I knew that’s what he wanted. He didn’t know anyone who had a nice, huge ass like I did. I even noticed him trying to get his nose closer for a whiff.

I pulled up my thong, letting it ride over top of my yoga pants, and teased him some more. Oh, but I wasn’t done yet. I slid my pants off, revealing my gigantic ass right in front of him. He couldn’t stop staring and gawking at it.

I was going to make him suffer for stealing my panties. I told him to take a deep breath, and then laid my big ass right on his face. I moved it from side to side, smothering and squashing him. I lifted up for a second so he could take a quick breath, and then plopped right back down onto him. It wasn’t long before it was nighty night for my pervy brother.

This clip includes: Lylah Ryder, brother/sister, pervy brother steals sister’s panties, teasing and taunting with big ass, yoga pants, spandex, thong fetish, ass shaking, face sitting, ass smothering, squashing, knocked out, POV facesitting

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Pervy Brother Gets Facesitting Punishment