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Lylah’s B2P




Lylah smiles sweetly, showing off her different colored 12″ balloons. She is excited to see how much air the balloons can take before exploding. She stretches the latex to her first balloon, and struggles trying to blow it up. After a few hard breaths, the latex begins to inflate, and she watches as it becomes bigger and bigger. The neck expands, and with just a few more hard breaths, the balloon flies into pieces.

Still shocked by the loud pop, she stretches the latex to her next balloon. The balloon grows with her hot breath, and as it becomes tighter and fuller, she finds it harder to blow into. She closes her eyes nervously, anxious for it to pop. When she least expects it, the balloon pops, and she shrieks.

The latex squeaks as she blows into her last balloon. The air shifts in the balloon causing it to have a crazy shape, “Oh my, it has to be getting close. Look at how big that is!” Lylah continues to blow, “I don’t know how much more it can take.” Soon enough, it releases a loud pop, and she shows off the shredded pieces of her destroyed balloons.

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Lylah’s B2P