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Scissorhold Class




Terra comes back home from being at her self-defense class. “It was good. I actually want to show you a couple of moves,” she says confidently to her husband, Aiden.

He is skeptical, “It was only your first class,” but Terra is determined to prove him wrong. She wraps her arm around his neck, and then drags him down onto the bed. She positions his body between her legs, and then crosses her ankles to lock him into place. He grunts in pain, which only makes her squeeze harder. “It was only the first class,” she says, mocking him.

After watching him struggle in the bodyscissors, she locks his head into place with her legs. “Is that too tight for you? You can’t handle it, can you?” she says, watching him gasp for air in her headscissors. She rolls him from side to side, and then puts him into a figure four headscissor.

Terra finally releases her hold, and he pants for air, “They taught you how to do all that today?” She locks his body sideways into another bodyscissor hold, and then releases him so he can catch his breath. She continues to position his head sideways for another headscissor.

Terra sits him down on the floor, and then puts him into a standing reverse headscissor. Her powerful legs choke him, and after a few more holds, she shows off her strength by knocking him out.

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Scissorhold Class