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Big Tits & a Huge Cigar




Nadia lights up her huge cigar, inhaling, before releasing a big cloud of smoke. She is confident, flexing her biceps, as she tells you a story about how she beat up a guy at the bar. “He thought he was some tough guy,” she says to you. “The mistake that he made was that he touched my arm.”

After giving you a detailed story about how she left him bloody, bruised, and crying, she tells you that she’d love to run into him again…just to kick his ass again. This time, however, she tells you that she’d suffocate him with her massive tits.

Nadia fires up an even bigger cigar, and proceeds to tell you another story about when she was at the bar. This time she got into an altercation with a girl, “She had no idea who she was messing with.” Nadia tells you that she took care of the disrespectful girl AND her friend that decided to intervene.

Nadia explains that the girl was even taller and heavier, and she still managed to kick her ass. She takes drags of her big cigar, blowing smoke towards you as she flexes her biceps.

“I just love fighting people,” Nadia tells you. “I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman.” She sticks her cuban between her teeth, and shows off her fit body. So confident that she could beat anyone up, she bets you a 1,000 dollars. “Think I’m a little too cocky?” she asks you. “I’d kick your ass, too.”

As she smokes her thick cigar, she tells you that she prefers fighting men. She tells you one last story about another encounter she had with yet another girl. “I’m waiting…waiting to fight someone else,” she says, locking the cigar into her mouth.

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Big Tits & a Huge Cigar