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The Phantom Wraps Her Hands Around Terra’s Throat




After a stressful, long day, Terra likes to relax with a mystery novel. She opens her book and comes across an interesting short story called “The Phantom.” Obvious that it isn’t part of the novel, she begins reading it out of curiosity.

The story introduces a woman that goes by “The Phantom.” One late and rainy night, she walks through a dark forest, barely able to see where she is going. Out in search of her next victim to her wrap her hands around her throat, a nice brunette, she loses her way, and accidentally stumbles over rocks, limbs, and other debris. The woman ends up falling over the side of a cliff, and is never to be heard from again. “Or so we thought?” Terra reads out loud. As Terra continues to read, she realizes that the story does not end there. The Phantom has somehow managed to survive her fall, and has returned for revenge.

Unphased, Terra goes to bed. She doesn’t believe in superstitions anyways, but the story is kind of eerie. As she sleeps, she begins having nightmares about The Phantom. She tosses and turns, and an uninvited visitor creeps through the living room.

The mysterious blond, “The Phantom,” looks over Terra’s beautiful body before sitting on her stomach. She softly wraps her strong hands around Terra’s throat, and shifts her head from side to side. The Phantom’s fingers glide down and suddenly take a tight hold against her neck.

Terra’s eyes open wide as she struggles to breathe. She gasps and coughs for air, but The Phantom doesn’t let up. While The Phantom puts her hands around her throat, Terra attempts to free herself from her powerful hold. She grabs onto The Phantom’s arms, but is unable to budge her. After a few minutes of intense choking, Terra is able to free herself, and runs into the other room.

She panics, trying to escape, but is trapped inside the house. All the windows and doors are locked, and The Phantom is getting closer. “What do you want? Why are you here?” she shouts at The Phantom, rubbing her neck, but The Phantom doesn’t respond. “I want revenge. I love choking women,” she says, wrapping her hands around Terra’s neck. “…watching them gasp for air.”

Terra tries to free herself, but after several minutes of being strangled, she falls limp. The Phantom lifts her body, and sits her up on the couch. The Phantom slowly massages Terra’s neck, and then stiffens her grip. Terra coughs softly in her unco.nscious state, and once The Phantom is satisfied, she lies Terra on the couch.

Terra wakes up, rubbing her bruised neck, and weakly sits up. She wonders if she has seen the last of The Phantom, but as she looks to her side, she sees The Phantom looking back at her. Terra begs The Phantom not to choke her anymore, but The Choker reaches her arms out like a zombie for Terra’s neck.

She strangles Terra, and Terra weakly attempts to fight back. The Phantom then gets behind her and wraps her hands around her throat from behind. Terra coughs and gasps, but after a couple of minutes, she is out for good. The Phantom, now pleased, runs her fingers against Terra’s neck and her own…satisfied.

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The Phantom Wraps Her Hands Around Terra’s Throat