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The Fitness Trainer’s New Workout: Stroking Your Cock




**Starring Alexis Rain**

You have the hots for your fitness trainer. Alexis is built, toned, and gorgeous. It’s hard to direct your attention to her instruction when you’re letting your eyes wander up and down her flawless body.

When she warms up with stretches, it’s easy to take quick peeks at her perfect body. While she bends down in front of you, you stare at her ass, not realizing that she can see you. “What are you doing?” she asks. “Are you staring at my ass? You’re not stretching.”

Noticing the hard-on bulging through your shorts, she decides to cut you a break. After all, you’re a great student, and once this problem is taken care of, she can continue class.

Alexis picks up her shake weight, and using it, instructs you to stroke your cock. As she does, she flexes her muscular arms, showing off her big biceps. You stroke your hard cock, and she gives you a tour of her fit, toned body.

When you get close to exploding, she does a count down for you, and when she reaches one, you erupt.

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The Fitness Trainer’s New Workout: Stroking Your Cock