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The Happy Treatment




Nyxon is a doctor who prefers not to treat her patients with pharmaceuticals. Instead, she prefers her new, innovative methods that she is confident will help. “Mr. Valentine, are you here?” she asks from behind her clipboard.

When her patient explains that he’s been suffering from depression, he asks for an anti-depressant to help level out his moods. “It’s a natural train of thought to think that are the answer,” she explains. “But here, at my clinic, we take a non-pharmaceutical approach to treating our patients with depression.”

Nyxon explains the procedure as one that stimulates different parts of the body in hopes of hitting happy receptors. With Mr. Valentine interested, she asks him to strip out of everything except his boxers, and to lie down.

She tells him to put his hands over his head, and then begins tickling his sides with her fingernails. Mr. Valentine bursts out into laughter, and Nyxon is thrilled. “Your mood has done a 360 since you walked in the door. You’re smiling, you’re happy, you’re excited.”

The doctor continues tickling his feet and inner thighs. “So, how are you feeling now?” she asks him. “My stomach hurts from laughing,” he says, trying to catch his breath. “I’m feeling so much better already.”

She gets over top of him and proceeds to tickle his sides and neck to continue the treatment. “It’s like you’re sweating out the depression or something,” she says, running her fingernails across his body. After the doctor has completed the treatment, she finds Mr. Valentine to be very satisfied.

“Like anything, it’s not just a one time deal. I think if you come back once a week, and we administer the therapy, you’ll be well on your way,” she smiles. She tells her patient to go ahead and get dressed, and to make a follow up appointment with the receptionist.

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The Happy Treatment