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Corporate Espionage




Terra is a professional hacker whose next mission is to take down a major corporation. After she’s snuck past the security guards, she softly knocks on an office door to see if anyone is inside.

With limited time, she breaks the lock on the door and sits down by the computer. The hacker plugs in her USB drive, hits a couple keys on the keyboard, and begins installing her virus onto the company’s computer.

“Aw, fuck,” she says, noticing the security camera above her head. Now concerned that someone may have seen her, she rushes to get out, but is stopped by a security guard. “What are you doing in here? This is a restricted area,” he says.

Terra hurriedly covers his mouth with her hand, twists his arm behind his back, and holds on until he passes out. After he falls limp, she drags him into another room.

A few hours later, Terra pulls the cover off of his head, “I didn’t want to have to do this to you.” She rips the tape off his mouth, ungags him, and tells him that she needs his help. “I need you to give me the security tapes,” she explains.

Afraid that she’ll k!ll him once she gets the tapes, he refuses. “If you don’t cooperate,” the hacker says, wrapping her hands around his mouth, “then I may have to go to that length.”

Once she releases him, he lies about the security tapes, saying they don’t exist at all. Getting more frustrated, the hacker begins torturing him by continuously covering his mouth and nose with her hands.

After enduring as much torture as he can, the security guard tells her where the tapes are. He tells her that, in return, after she leaves, she has to call for help for him.

“Burn ’em, destroy ’em, throw them away into a dumpster somewhere,” the guard tells her. “Well, there’s only one little issue,” the hacker tells him. “You know what I look like.”

He begs her not to do anything, but she places her hands firmly over his nose and mouth, finishing him off for good. Satisfied, she leaves with the tapes, and no evidence behind.

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Corporate Espionage