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Scissorholds for the Pervy Brother




Terra stretches out for her routine yoga workout. As she gets herself ready, her brother, Aiden, peeks around the corner, admiring his sister’s curvy figure. 

Unfortunately for Aiden, his sister catches him and pulls him out. He tries to make excuses, but she doesn’t believe a word he says. Terra pushes him to the ground, wraps her toned legs around his body, and squeezes him hard. 

He grunts in pain, but continues to lie about what he was doing. That only angers Terra more, so she locks her legs around his head and squeezes. 

“I’m gonna tell Mom on you,” he struggles to get out. After locking him into several bodyscissors, headscissors, and other positions, Aiden starts to tell her the truth, but Terra doesn’t let up. Still furious that her own brother was perving on her, she holds onto him until he is knocked our. She stands on top of him, kisses her muscles, and leaves her brother passed out on the floor.

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Scissorholds for the Pervy Brother

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