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Lizzy’s Very Dirty Diaper


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Little Lizzy is content playing with her cute toys, reading her book, and sipping juice out of her baby bottle. 

She lets out a happy sigh, but then realizes she has to pee. She tries to hold it in, squirming and pressing her legs together. The urge gets worse, and she calls for her daddy, but he doesn’t respond. “Daddy, where are you? I really need to go number one,” she says. I can’t hold it for much longer.”

Unable to hold it anymore, she decides to pee in her diaper. Her diaper swells up, and she begins to enjoy her soaked, puffy diaper. “I just have to wait for Daddy to come change me,” she says to herself. 

Lizzy continues playing with her toys, but then her stomach grumbles. “Now I’m starting to feel like I need to go number 2,” she says wrapping her arms around her belly. She tries to hold it in, but eventually has to go. She squints her eyes as she farts and p00ps, and then enjoys squishing her messy, wet diaper. 

“Daddy’s really going to need to clean me up now,” she says as she fidgets about in her dirty diaper. She continues to play with her toys until Daddy comes to change her diaper.

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Lizzy’s Very Dirty Diaper