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Mom’s Perfect Feet




After an exhausting day, Mom plops down on the couch. She smiles as she notices you staring at her beautiful feet in her new, green flip-flops. “Ohhh,” she says sweetly, “do you have a foot fetish?”

Unable to take your eyes from her perfect feet, she begins to tease you with them. She wiggles, spreads, and scrunches her purple painted toes. “Stick your tongue between the toes…I bet you like sucking on toes, too, don’t you?” she teases.

Realizing that you’ve never had feet in your mouth, she taunts you, telling you how she’d smother you and make you smell her feet. “Open wide,” she tells you. “I’m going to stick some toes in your mouth.”

Mom giggles as she notices you getting hard, “You do like those feet, don’t you?” She scrunches her feet to make beautiful wrinkled soles, and invites you to put your tongue in-between her toes.

She tells you that you’re only allowed to enjoy her feet, and you can’t jerk off in front of her. “You wait,” she smiles. She puts both feet into your mouth, and tells you to keep licking Mommy’s feet.

Once she’s had her fun with you, teasing and taunting you with her perfect feet, she allows you to go to your room to jerk off.

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Mom’s Perfect Feet