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Shut Up!




It was a relaxing, lazy day, so Mom and I spent most of it playing a game of solitaire. “Mom, can you get me a drink?” my brother shouted from inside his room. He didn’t want to get up from his bed, so he insisted on asking what seemed like a million times.

“Get it yourself,” Mom shouted back, but he didn’t stop shouting at us. After we couldn’t stand it anymore, Mom had an idea to get back at him. “We’re gonna take care of him,” she said getting up from her seat.

“Where’s my drink?” my brother asked as we walked into his room. “You’re not getting a drink,” Mom replied shoving him. “You know what, son, I’m tired of your fucking mouth, and I’m going to shut it up once and for all.”

She sat on his face, and he panicked, flailing his arms up and down. Just to make sure he couldn’t get out, I sat on his legs and held down his arms. We took turns suffocating him with our asses, only giving him a few seconds to breathe before smothering him again.

“I can’t hear anything,” I said taunting him as he muffled through my ass. “Poor thing’s trying to gasp for air.” Once we went back and forth a couple of times, watching and feeling him struggle for air, Mom completely suffocated him and knocked him out! We laughed, picking up his limp arms, and then decided we better get back to our game. At least now we wouldn’t have any distractions.


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Shut Up!

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