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Foot Tickling Therapy Part 1




Whitney is a therapist who is treating a brand new patient, Fifi, today. Fifi is nervous as she enters her therapist’s office, but Whitney reassures that everything will be okay.

Poor Fifi has a severe foot tickling phobia, and Whitney plans on helping her get past it with some therapy. In an attempt to warm things up and get Fifi comfortable, Whitney decides to do a little hands-on activity.

Whitney removes Fifi’s shoes and runs her soft hands against her bare soles. “Relax, I’m here to help you,” Whitney tells her patient. Whitney begins testing out how ticklish Fifi is, running her fingertips against her toes and soles. 

Fifi bursts into laughter, and Whitney’s ill intentions start to come out. As much as Whitney wants to help her patient, she also has a hard time handling her own tickling desires. 

As Whitney tickles her patient, she decides that she wants to take things to the next level – restraints – and that alarms Fifi. Fifi reconsiders her therapy, but before she can leave, Whitney puts her hand over her mouth and nose.  

Fifi passes out, and Whitney begins moving her limp body. She exposes Fifi’s perky tits, raises her dress, and plays with her limp limbs. Once she’s had her fun, Whitney leaves to get the restraints. 

This clip includes: Miss Whitney Morgan, Fifi Foxx, therapist/new patient, patient has severe foot tickling phobia, therapist has ill intention and has secret tickling desires, foot tickling, laughing, hand over mouth, limp fetish, manipulating and moving limp limbs, perky tits


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Foot Tickling Therapy Part 1