Forced to Smell Velma’s Gigantic, Stinky Feet




When Velma got partnered up with a douchey jock for a science project, she knew she’d be doing the assignment herself. 

Velma aimlessly fidgets on her phone, mumbling about how late Aiden is running, and then hears a knock on the door.

“Come in,” she sighs watching Aiden plop onto the couch. Aiden apologizes about running late, and then immediately ruins it by bragging about how he was making out with a girl underneath the bleachers. “I don’t really wanna hear about it,” Velma says shaking her head. “We really need to get started on this project.”

Aiden continues to pull out his science book and notes, and then looks over at Velma, “I didn’t even read the chapter – I’m sure you did, though. I’m going to need to copy off your notes.” 

Velma, now completely irritated, comes up with a fair trade in exchange for her notes – Aiden has to smell her disgusting, bare, gigantic, size 11 feet. “I love when I can get DISGUSTING boys like you to smell my feet,” she tells him. 

Appalled by the idea, Aiden tells her no, but when she brings up her notes, he tries to plead with her. Rather than hear him out, she proceeds to release her huge, raunchy feet from her Converse shoes, placing them directly in front of his face. 

Aiden gags and coughs in disgust, “Oh my god.” A huge smile runs across Velma’s face as she pushes her filthy soles and toes onto his face. She taunts him, telling him to take a whiff of her toe jam, and then covers his entire face with her gigantic soles. 

Once she’s satisfied with his disgust, she releases her feet from his face, and he pants for air. “I’ll share the notes with you,” she says smiling.

This clip includes: Velma Vonmassacre, Aiden Valentine, partnered up for a school project, douchey jock wants to copy notes from nerd, nerd decides to do a trade for it, forced foot smelling, gigantic soles, toe spreading, size 11 feet, raunchy, gross, disgusting, smelly, taunting, big feet, dirty feet

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Forced to Smell Velma’s Gigantic, Stinky Feet

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