The New Company Policy




Aiden is an employee at a strict, high-end tech company. When his boss, Ms. VonMassacre, discovers that he’s been plastering the break room with posted notes, she isn’t too pleased with his misconduct.

Although he tries to defend himself, Ms. VonMassacre fires back a quick response, “Have you read the company policy and procedure on notes in the breakroom?” As she begins explaining where to find the memo, she looks down to see that Aiden is wearing house slippers instead of dress shoes. 

“Wow – you wore THOSE shoes to work today?” she says in a bitchy tone. “This is not appropriate work foot wear.” Well aware that he’s only got one write-up left, and his boss is about to give him another one resulting in termination, he pleads with her.   

Ms. VonMassacre reconsiders, thinking of a fit punishment, and decides she wants Aiden to worship her feet – after all, she is the one who runs the place, and he needs to be reminded where he stands in the company…underneath her. “Show me how bad you want to be an employee here,” she says to him. 

Aiden, desperate to keep his job, releases Ms. VonMassacre’s huge feet from her red heels, and takes a quick whiff. “They probably smell pretty bad, don’t they?” He sucks up to her now, running his tongue in full strides against her big, smelly, filthy, size 11 soles, and she smiles at his efforts. 

Ms. VonMassacre continues to have him suck on her toes, clean her soles with his tongue, and gag on her feet. “That’s a good foot boy,” she says taunting him. Satisfied with his now new accommodating behavior, she tells him to get back to work, and he rushes back to his computer. 

This clip includes: Velma VonMassacre, Aiden Valentine, boss/employee, employee has one write-up left and pleads with his boss not to terminate him, boss comes up with a fair punishment, wants to remind him who is boss, foot worship, foot licking, sole licking, toe sucking, foot gagging, big feet, huge soles, size 11 feet, red heels, smelly feet, dirty feet

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The New Company Policy