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Sister Blackmails Brother into Worshiping Her Feet




A big smile runs across Nyxon‘s face as she waits for her brother to come back home. She knows that her brother, Aiden, snuck a girl into the house the other night and can’t wait to blackmail him with it.

“What are you doing in my room?” Aiden asks when he comes through the bedroom door. “Have a seat,” Nyxon slyly smiles. She tells him that she knows he brought a girl over, and when he doesn’t believe her, she picks up the purple pair of panties in his room and waves them in front of his face.

“What do you want?” Aiden sighs, then begins offering to do her homework and chores, but Nyxon isn’t interested in that. Instead, she wants her brother to do a humiliating task that involves getting on his knees and worshiping her dirty, stinky feet. “You’re kidding me, right?” Aiden’s eyes widen.

But she’s not. She picks up the panties again and waves them in front of his face, threatening to tell Mom, and in a matter of seconds, Aiden is on his knees. “And I’ve been wearing these TOMS shoes all summer without socks,” Nyxon teases.

She sticks her feet in front of his face, and when Aiden goes to remove her shoes, the most disgusting smell hits his face. He coughs, horrified at the horrible stink coming from them, “Don’t make me do this.” But Nyxon doesn’t waste any time shouting for Mom, and Aiden begs her to be quiet.

He takes another sniff of her filthy feet and then presses his tongue against her sole. “Like that?” he asks after a pathetic attempt. He continues to lick her morbidly gross feet up and down, and even sucks her toes to keep her mouth shut.

Nyxon laughs, taunting and making fun of him, and wiggles her toes against his wet tongue. Once she’s had her fun, she slides the panties into her shirt, just in case she needs them for future blackmail, and then hollers for Mom regardless of Aiden completing the humiliating task.

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Sister Blackmails Brother into Worshiping Her Feet

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