Jerk to Velma’s Dirty, Stinky, Size 11 Feet




“Hi,” Velma smiles, her big, filthy, smelly, size 11 feet facing you. Her shoes are covered in dirt and grime, and she can’t help but taunt you with her delicious feet. “I know exactly what you like, and exactly where you like these big, size 11 feet,” she says to you.  

She nudges her foot towards your mouth, “I bet you’d like them deep, deep, deep down your throat. And I bet you want to jerk that beautiful dick of yours at the same time, don’t you?” Although she knows that you want to get straight to her feet, she decides to have some fun with you first. 

Velma stuffs her enormous, dirty shoe into your mouth, and then instructs you to jerk your cock as she fucks your mouth with it. You lick her perfect, stinky chucks as she taunts you with the thought of her feet in them. 

Once she’s teased you enough, she releases her huge, smelly feet from her shoes, and scrunches her long toes. Velma shows off the inside of her worn out shoes, and gives you a quick taste of all of the filth that’s inside of it. “Isn’t that delicious?” she smiles.

But before giving you a taste of her feet, she shows off the dirt on her enormous soles. She spreads and crunches her beautiful toes, and then jams her big foot into your mouth, still instructing you to jerk your cock. She lets you lick her smelly feet, and when you’re ready, she lets you burst onto her perfect soles.  

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Jerk to Velma’s Dirty, Stinky, Size 11 Feet