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Double Trouble




Nyxon and her best friend, Luna, are enjoying a nice, relaxing girl’s day – that is until Aiden, Nyxon’s brother, plops down on the couch between them. “Ugh,” Nyxon sighs as Aiden wedges himself right in the middle of the two. “What are we watching?” he asks the girls, but it’s obvious that he only wants to get close to Luna. 

When Nyxon calls him out on it, Aiden turns red, and denies having a crush on Luna. “So, you’re not gonna leave us alone, so we can finish watching our TV show?” Nyxon asks. Fed up with Aiden always trying to barge in on her girl time, Nyxon takes off her sweaty, disgusting, filthy shoe and forces Aiden to smell it. Aiden coughs and gags while the girls laugh, “Oh god, sis – your shoe stinks.” 

Joining in on the fun, Luna takes off her heel and presses it against Aiden’s face, which causes him to be even more grossed out. “Does it smell like looooove?” Nyxon teases. “Is that what love smells like?” Aiden struggles for air, overwhelmed with the horrendous scent of their shoes. 

They go back and forth making him smell their shoes, and then get an even better idea of rubbing their bare feet all over his face. “Your feet are so dirty – I feel it on my face!” Aiden whines, but the two girls don’t stop. They bury their toes and soles into his face, forcing him to take whiffs of their unbearable, smelly feet. Once they’ve had their fun, they leave him with his face drenched in their sweaty, stinky foot stench.  

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Double Trouble