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Sexy Clown Gets Fucked Hard And Facialized




A sexy clown shows her tight dress, thigh highs, make-up, red nose, and pink afro. I know what you want to see, you dirty boy. She lifts up her dress, and smacks her ass, and lifts her dress back up to show her pussy.

She gets on her knees, pulls down his boxers, and gives him a blowjob with her red lipstick getting coated all over his dick. She just wants to get him real hard, and her lipstick starts to smear.

She pushes him down, gets on top of him, and rides him cowgirl style. Her dress is lifted, and he smacks her ass several times, as she bounces up and down his hard cock.

She then flips the other way, and begins to fuck his cock reverse cowgirl–her hands on his knees, and bouncing up and down his cock.

Completely exhausted, she lays on her back, head tilted back, knees up, and gets fucked missionary style. Moaning and moaning, she gets fucked rough, breathing heavy.

She then gets fucked from the side–her right leg in the air, over his shoulder, and her left leg laid down on the bed. She grips the bed from pleasure, and her breasts begin to pop out from outfit.

Her skirt is pulled up all the way, and she lays down on her stomach, puts her legs together,and gets fucked rough until he is ready to cum. He smacks her ass, makes it red, and pulls out before he cums.

She kneels down, ready to accept a nice facial from him. Her make-up is smeared, and red clown nose and pink afro are completely drenched from his cum. He smacks her in the face with his cock a couple times to make sure all the cum comes off onto her face.

She smiles, rubs the cum into her face, and licks all of her fingers. She tells him, “Give me some of your cream, now!” And he pies her in the face with a shaving cream pie. She wipes her eyes clean, giggles, puts her red clown nose back on, and says, “You really know how to give a girl what she wants.”

She proceeds to stand up, bend over, lift her skirt, and gets pied two more times–one in each butt check! She shakes to get the tin off of her ass, and her ass is completely covered in shaving cream.

She turns around, showing off her pussy, and gets pied right on her pussy!

She is completely covered in shaving cream, and shows off, twirling around and around. She blows a kiss and says, “The end!” And turns back around to show off her creamed ass.

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Sexy Clown Gets Fucked Hard And Facialized