Being Evicted But I Need To Pee


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I’m getting evicted, and I am packing up the rest of my things when my landlord comes in.

Are you almost done packing?

I just need to get a few more things from the closet, and then I should be done. The landlord walks around the room, critiquing the way that it looks. I ask for my deposit back, and he denies the request, demanding my key back. He’s being overly harsh, complaining about the stains on the floor. He then gives me only 5 minutes to get all of my things out before he calls the police, and proceeds to exit my apartment.

As he leaves, I realize how desperately I have to pee! My bladder is completely full, and I am squirming with anxiety on what to do next. Should I leave the room and find a restroom? If I leave, he will see me, and I don’t want him to yell at me.

I go back and forth on what to do–pee or back up the rest of my stuff. I only have 5 minutes. What to do, what to do! What am I going to do? I pace back and forth, putting my hands on my hips, and crossing my legs. I am so desperate to pee!

Maybe I should clean up the carpet, so that I can get my deposit back. But, he did tell me I wasn’t going to get my deposit back. Gosh, I have to pee now! I take off my panties, squat down on the floor, and pee right on the carpet. Why not? He did say I wouldn’t get it back! Oh, gosh–that feels so good. Now I don’t feel bad abot peeing on the carpet. I am going to just watch it soak it right into the carpet. There’s no point in cleaning it up.

My pee soaks into the carpet, as I sigh a breath of relief. Now, I have a couple minutes to pack the rest of my things.

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Being Evicted But I Need To Pee