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Smoking Makeout Session

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I love smoking cigarettes–all white cigarettes, no matter what I am doing. Long drags every so often, between everything.

I start off in my jacket and lingerie, taking his vest off, and lighting up a cigarette. I take a long drag and exhale, kissing him softly, and caressing the side of his face.

I stop to take a drag off of the cigarette every so often, getting more and more into the make-out. He unclips my bra, but before he can go any further, I have to take a huge drag off of my white cigarette. I take huge inhales, and deep exhales to show you how much I love smoking.

I continue to caress his face while playing with his tongue with my tongue, as he grabs my chest, and I keep my cigarette in hand. Before I take off his pants, I take another drag, and allow the cigarette to continue to burn in my hand.

As things get more heated up in the makeout session, I get completely naked, inhaling and exhaling huge amounts of smoke–blowing it towards you.

I light up cigarette after cigarette, making out harder, as I take drags in between because it feels so good. I know you love the taste of my cigarettes in your mouth.

Come here and let me take a drag while we kiss.

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Smoking Makeout Session