Female Foot Slave Serves Master




Master’s slave hasn’t been pleasing him, so she begs to make it up to him, exclaiming she is sorry over and over. Master tells her that if he wants to make it up to him, to get naked, crawl over, and to let him use her as a foot stool. She arches her back, making sure that her Master is pleased, and he demands her to massage his feet, then to suck on his toes. She puts each toe in her mouth, sucking gently to satisfy him. Her tongue goes between every space of his toe, and across his soles, hoping to make him happy. She knows that she will be punished if they are not perfectly clean, so she continues to go back and forth between each foot–sucking, licking, and going between each toe. The slave finishes off by taking her fingers and rubbing them through each toe to make sure that they are perfect for her Master.

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Female Foot Slave Serves Master